It’s canon in game that Hard Light, Mountaintop, and Gjallarhorn are all OP

Content of the article: "It’s canon in game that Hard Light, Mountaintop, and Gjallarhorn are all OP"

In the new crucible armor set, it tells the story of how Shaxx found out about Stasis in PvP. My favorite entry is for the arms:

"It was the morning of the new Crucible season when the shout echoed through the Tower.

Master Rahool flinched, fumbling his engram.

Commander Zavala looked up from his desk.

Kadi 55-30 hurried to steady a haphazard pile of shipments.

In the Hangar, a flock of well-fed pigeons took wing.


This was followed by him watching a Warlock get shattered into pieces and commenting "Nice boots" for the leg armor, telling the people of the city that he's worried about the children imitating Stasis, how he believes Stasis is only a tool to be used, and if it's used for evil then the user is truly the evil one, and ending of with this:

""I remember the first time I saw a Hard Light shot bounce around a corner," he began. "The first time I handed over a Mountaintop. The first Guardian to bring Gjallarhorn to my Crucible."

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The huge man shook his head fondly.

"I know the powers you hold will soon be commonplace, but I wanted to acknowledge you for being among the first to bring them here. To me."

"Thank you for showing me your crystal columns," he said to a Titan.

"For the swirling maelstrom brought by your staff," he said, nodding at a Warlock.

"And you!"

He walked to a Hunter in a few long strides and clapped him on the back. The Hunter tumbled to the ground so hard, his weapons reloaded.

"You threw scythes at them!" boomed Shaxx gleefully.

He helped the Hunter to his feet, then turned back toward the group. "May your strength guide us through whatever troubles are yet to come," he said, and saluted. The Guardians bowed.

Lord Shaxx stood proudly for a moment, his hands on his hips. "What are you waiting for?" he cried. "Resume the match!" And the Guardians fell upon each other once more."

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Moral of the post: "THROW MORE GRENADES"


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