It’s time for a Last City Council meeting

Content of the article: "It’s time for a Last City Council meeting"

I don't think I'm alone in feeling a huge disconnect between the tower guardians and the citizenry of the last city. While there has been bits of gameplay where we are in the city, we haven't been shown it to be a living, breathing place with actual people, government, culture, concerns, etc.

I think a big step in correcting that would be a cutscene of the various different leaders coming together to discuss events (especially since the pyramids are here) and course of action. Imagine the city governors calling together dead orbit, new monarchy, future war cult, and the vanguard and getting the perspective of each at a location like this

Dead orbit stating what their scouts across the solar system have seen and arguing that we have no chance against the darkness. New monarchy calling these hearings a waste of time as centralized and unquestioned action needs to be taken now in order to ensure victory. Future war cult speaking on what they've seen in their simulations and deep thinking computers.

And finally the vanguard being called to explain the situation and what they're doing about it. What if the governors knew we were experimenting with the darkness? Do they know rasputin is out of the equation for the time being? It could create some drama and conflict between the last city and the vanguard, just anything to remind me that there are actual people down there. Let it be a public hearing so we can see shaxx, saladin, saint-14, ada, etc, and just random citizens and guardians in attendance.

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They could speak on repairs, building a fleet, eulogy for Cadye, condition of the traveler, scout reports, outpost communications, etc. To add onto that it would he great if the 3 factions became relevant again in the tower. Let us pledge to one and complete bouties against high level targets, or complete the leviathan raid to report on calus, or go on scouting missions across the planets to dangerous areas. Then we could rank up, earn faction specific weapons and armor, an exotic class item maybe?

Anyway thanks for reading!


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