It’s time to make every stat point on armor mean something. Thresholds of 10 and RNG do not respect a players investment or time.

For those of you unaware. Armor stats have no effect until you reach the threshold of 10 points.

Example) A 39 stat point in mobility will have the same effect as a 30 stat point roll.

The idea is that you farm for the perfect rolled armor, but for those of you with poor RNG, you may never get that piece.

There are six section in your armor. So lets say you get a high stat armor piece. 62 stat points… high rolled armor only comes from certain activities with good RNG. Sounds good, right? Here's the distribution..

Mobility: 7

Resilience: 7

Recovery: 17

Discipline: 7

Intellect: 17

Strength: 7

Total: 62

To the untrained eye, this may look good, but…. Even if you masterwork it, which means putting in the shards, the prisms, and the cores… you will only meet the threshold of 10 in two stats, recovery and intellect. Both will sit at 19 which means you only get the first tier bonus. If they were all 8s though, instead of 7s, when you masterwork, you'd hit the threshold and get 8 total tiers of bonus among the different stats.

A small distribution difference makes me scrap the armor instantly.

Only 4 armor pieces can hold stats and when you hit 100 in a stat, the bonus to cooldown is a bigger jump than other tiers. So the ideal armor piece has a 23 in two stats that you want (typically recovery and intellect) and 8s or 3s in the other categories because you'll hit a 5 or 10 when you masterwork, which means that one mod of a +5 or +10 will let you hit the next threshold.

This doesn't include the bonuses from mods or stasis.

Now you can say that a 19 in one stat on an armor piece and a 27 on another armor piece will still net the same 50 once you masterwork, but then you are limiting your build to a single armor set because that won't work with other armor pieces unless you farm for the perfect piece again, which is the same odds as farming for a piece with 23s and 8s for the majority of stats.

It's all a bit confusing if you aren't someone trying to max stats for trials or something, but… they make a big difference no matter what you play. And they require a big investment of materials to make armor sets.

Some of this was helped by giving ornaments so at least your character can match when you finally get that perfect armor piece, but the reality is that it's completely dumb to limit the thresholds for cooldown bonuses to 10s, especially with the odds that you won't be able to meet that threshold with how RNG does stat distribution.

The reality is you can play 1000 hours and not get the perfect set and someone can play 50 hours and get the perfect set. RNG doesn't respect your time and reward you accordingly and it's not talked about when it comes to armor because armor literally affects EVERY aspect of the game, PVE and PVP

Some cooldowns are fast enough if every single stat point effected some percent of cooldown, we are talking fractions of a second in cooldown changes. I know that.

I'd argue that those fractions of a second matter in PVP. Look at how we watch how many frames it takes to swap weapons and ADS… these milliseconds matter. So it's time to change the cooldowns so that every stat point effect the cooldown in a way that is appropriate. I don't want to have it changed and every 10 points you get a big jump and every stat point in between is like a frame of difference. It should be an almost linear thing. Maybe when you hit 100 you can give it a bigger jump, but the difference between 50 and 55 should make it so the cooldown on the 55 is shorter.

Am I alone in thinking this?


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