Kinda funny how the best way to get strike bounties done is to actually not do the strike

Content of the article: "Kinda funny how the best way to get strike bounties done is to actually not do the strike"

Literally for my strike bounties I just load in, and as long as it's a strike that starts you in patrol, I just go around and get my kills on the random ads that spawn, run lost sectors, and do public events. I get most of my stuff done before the other guys get to a point where the strike pulls me. It's kind of sad. I'd much rather there be bounties that reward me for actually helping my team and working together, but I don't think this is high on their priority list considering we've been begging for less competitive strike bounties for as long as I can remember

Edit: To all the people who are getting upset with me over this, this is very much a "don't hate the player, hate the game" situation. I don't WANT to do this. This isn't how I want my strike experience to be, but bungie has structured bounties, which are an integral part of the grind, to be anti-teamwork. That's the whole point of this post. I was pointing out the irony in the fact that the most efficient way to do bounties tied to a specific activity is to actually NOT do the activity. It's a PROBLEM that this is the kind of play they encourage with the bounty structure

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Edit 2: To everyone saying I'm "ruining your strike experience", you know what ruins my strike experience? Having to compete with my teammates/friends for kills to get my bounties done. Having one guy run ahead so while we do the objective so he can get all the kills first leaving us an empty room. Popping my super for my super kill bounty and having my teammate blade barrage the entire mob before I have a chance to touch them, forcing me to run yet another strike. I would much rather have there be objectives that reward us for working well as a team. That's how I prefer to play. But the bounty system means that even if I try to play properly, there's a 90% chance I won't have fun anyway, because there's always someone who just wants to get their bounties done and leave. So take your anger and direct at the people who designed this dumb system. I dislike it just as much as you do. I refuse to apologize for how I choose to deal with it

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