Last night we sent off one of our Guardians with the raid that brought us together.

Content of the article: "Last night we sent off one of our Guardians with the raid that brought us together."

Like the title says last night was a really cool moment and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Today, one of our guardians is heading to basic and a slew of other training to follow, which means we won't be playing with him for a very long time. To send him off right he wanted to run King's Fall one last time before heading out.

For context, almost five years ago a few of us started playing together, some of us knew of each other, others were friends, and most were complete strangers. I think the activity that really brought us together though was King's Fall. This activity would get us into chat for hours on end as we pushed through each encounter or died over and over again at the dick wall or Oryx. One of my favorite memories was our first time getting to Oryx's final stand, instead of shooting him for the kill everyone went into their inventories to pop three of coins, because of this we wiped and could not get back to that phase for hours. We affectionately called that moment "Coin Gate". Anyways, overtime our hodgepodge group of guardians would grow to be some of my best friends and favorite people in the world. We have so many memories for each encounter and honestly, it's a season I look back on often because it was so full of laughter. Five years later and we still game together and when possible hang out in real life, it's definitely not as easy as it used to be and we're fragmented over different games but we're still there for each other.

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Anyways, last night we went back to where it all began, and man was it fun. I can't think of any better sendoff than watching Oryx float off into space with the people I love. It really is crazy how a game like Destiny can connect us with people all over the world. The memories it can forge and the kinda people it can grow us to be.

We're gonna miss our friend but at least we have some fresh memories to think back on till he gets back home. Thanks for reading guys and thanks Bungie for making a universe for us to build friendships in.

Here's our victory pic.


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