Let’s make our Crimson Days antics a little more spicy

Content of the article: "Let’s make our Crimson Days antics a little more spicy"

Let's be honest, in times like these, we all need a little love, and perhaps a different seasoning than salt. In the spirit of the coming festivities, I have an idea. Our relationship to this game as players needs more love and less spite. So let's add some levity and a much needed, new Crucible experience.

Crimson Couples Night: 6 teams of 2, first to 30 clash.

Or even better: 4 teams of 3, first to 50. Crimson Orgy.

Let me take you on a tour through this night of mischief:

  • Landing screen banner text says one of two things:

Please do not take another patron’s shoes

Helmets. Stay. On.

Shaxx nervously mumbles:

Please do not tell Eva about this…

Zavala also has a possible intro line:

I knew experimenting with Darkness was dangerous, but I must admit, this does seem enticing. Ikora! Come quickly!

  • Bottom fragger after 1 minute and any time after gets a buff called A Jolt of Confidence. While active, player gets the floor is lava movement buff.
  • Top fragger at any time gets a debuff called Easy Does It. While active, player cannot gain Super energy except through assisted kills by teammates.
  • Throughout the match, players will randomly respawn with another player's loadout and a debuff that says, Whose Pants Are These? This debuff does absolutely nothing.
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5 kills without dying: Shaxx says,

Feeling a little thirsty, are we, Guardian?

10 kills without dying: Shaxx says,

You aren't just thirsty; you're dehydrated!

We Ran Out of Towels: Shaxx has a few options here.

I haven't smelled anything so vile since the Twilight Gap!

WHOSE HELMET IS THIS?! The nametag says, "Sen…Sen-pay?…Senpai?" I don't know anyone by this name!


End of game: Osiris and Saint come in.

Osiris: Woah, Shaxx! Why weren't we invited?

Saint: Reminds you of old times eh?

Shaxx: I…I…need a drink.

End Scene. I think we all could use a little more fun. Don't you agree?


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