Monument to Lost Lights: A Guide for New and Returning Players on Purchasing Exotic Weapons from the Kiosk, with some Notes on What to Prioritize

From the guy who brought you the guide to buying D2 DLC and Understanding Pinnacles comes a guide on the exotic kiosk. This is meant to be a helpful resource for new and returning players as it goes through the what and how of the content in the kiosk, and offers some recommendations on what to buy first. These recommendations are not meant to be comprehensive, as new and returning players can only obtain one weapon per week, meaning it will take a few months just to obtain the weapons highlighted here. I’m sure the comments will be full of hearty discussion about weapons, but these highlighted picks are most based off of community sentiment and the many, many posts I’ve seen in /new of people asking what they should buy.

What is the Monument to Lost Lights?

With Bungie deciding to vault locations and old story content last year, they needed to come up with a solution on what to do with exotics tied to vaulted raids and exotics that had quests with steps on vaulted locations. Their solution is this kiosk, which can be found next to the vault in the tower. This kiosk also has previous legendary ritual weapons, all , as new and returning players can only obtain one weapon per week, meaning it will take a few months just to obtain the weapons highlighted here. I’m sure the comments will be full of hearty discussion about weapons, but these highlighted picks are most based off of community sentiment and the many, many posts I’ve seen in /new of people they are associated.

What do I need to purchase these weapons?

  • Glimmer – at least 100k, some as high as 150k
  • Ascendent Shard – a few weapons require 2
  • Planetary Materials – amount and type varies
  • Exotic Cipher – obtained from Xur
  • Spoils of Conquest – only required for the 3 raid weapons

Ascendent Shards are a rare upgrade material that can be obtained from reseting your Valor/Infamy with Shaxx/Drifter, from season pass rewards, from completing Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, and if you’re desperate, they can be purchased from Banshee after accumulating Enhancement Cores/Prisms. In addition to being used at the kiosk, these Shards also are used for masterworking armor pieces. When you’re first hitting end game content, these Shards will seem hard to come by, but you will end up getting a ton of them if you farm Master (1330) Nightfalls, particularly during double drop weeks.

Exotic Ciphers are obtained from completing a quest Xur gives you. You must complete 21 playlist activities – if you’re doing Gambit/Crucible, only wins make progress. Once completed, return to Xur and he will give you a Cipher. Note that if you don’t complete the quest before he leaves at weekly reset, you’ll have to wait to turn it in next weekend when he returns, and you won’t be able to get a new quest from him that weekend. So, if you want to use Ciphers as fast as possible, get the quest from him on Friday when he appears, blast through the activities, then be sure to turn it in and get your Cipher before he leaves. This will allow you to then get another Cipher quest from him the next weekend and do it all over again. Also note that you can get one Cipher from the season pass, so that’s one free Cipher every 3 months or so. You can only hold one Cipher in your inventory at a time across your account, so be sure to use it if you want another one.

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Finally, we have Spoils of Conquest. This currency can only be obtained from raids and is used to purchase kiosk weapons that were previously only obtainable from now-vaulted raids. There are four items that require 240 spoils each: Anarchy, Legend of Acrius, Tarrabah, and the exotic sparrow Always on Time. How do you get spoils? If you complete the Deep Stone Crypt, you’ll get 20 during your run: 10 from both hidden chests. The first chest can be grabbed solo once you know the sparrow route, so if you don’t want to do a full raid, you could grab 30 total spoils per week across 3 characters by putting forth about 45 minutes of effort. Once you’ve cleared DSC once, subsequent clears before reset won’t give you any loot, but you will get 5 spoils per encounter completion (20 total for a full raid completion). Farming the first encounter for spoils is a pretty easy thing to do if you can get a team together.

What Weapons Should You Prioritize Obtaining?

Player versus Environment (PvE)

AnarchyArc Heavy Grenade Launcher – This is the the single best PvE weapon you can pull from the kiosk. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with me on that (which is bold to say on reddit!). For those unaware, Anarchy is a heavy grenade launcher that fires trip mines that stick to surfaces and chain lightning between them. It does really high damage over time (DoT) which is versatile in so many different ways. Fire off two shots on the boss, then switch to another weapon like a sniper or slug shotgun and do more DPS while the DoT ticks, or deal with adds, or if things are hairy you can run and hide while the DoT does its thing. For add-clear you can fire off two shots on either side of a spawn door and watch the adds melt immediately on spawn. Yes, it requires Spoils – something that may be tough for newer players or players averse to raiding. But it is 100% worth the time and effort to save your spoils for this, and to try to grab the first DSC chest every week on 3 characters if you’re not raiding.

WitherhoardKinetic Grenade Launcher – Two picks, two DoT weapons. Witherhoard creates blight pools that stay on the ground and provide DoT to enemies in the pool, and if you hit an enemy directly, they’ll take DoT and then drop a blight pool when they die. A popular pick for players trying to go flawless/solo in dungeons, Witherhoard has better ammo economy than Anarchy with it running on special ammo instead of heavy ammo, and it does large area DoT with only one shot as opposed to Anarchy that takes at minimum 2 shots for a line, 3 to set a triangle, etc. The catalyst is a must-have as it adds auto-loading holster, so you can fire off a round, switch to an energy primary, then switch back ready to fire off another round. Pairs well with Duskfield grenades to pull adds into the blight.

Izanagi’s BurdenKinetic Sniper – Before The Lament, this was the king of burst DPS, and still retains that crown at range. With 4 rounds in the mag, its exotic perk is that you can reload to combine the damage of all 4 bullets into one round for the insane single target burst damage I mentioned, with an extra 20% damage on top if you have the catalyst. This has been a popular choice in Master and Grandmaster content this season with the anti-barrier sniper mod, but just know that you need to be able to hit your crit spots to make the weapon shine.

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Eriana’s VowSolar Special Hand Cannon – The only Hand Cannon in the game that uses special ammo, this thing hits like a truck and has intrinsic anti-barrier to boot, and when you add the catalyst you get a magazine boost plus auto-loading holster. With range that makes it compete with some snipers, it rewards chaining crits as the opening shot damage boost will continually proc until you miss a crit, making it good for add clear and boss damage. Eriana’s Vow is an excellent all-round choice in tougher PvE content that everyone should have.

Edit: As /u/djternan pointed out, the quests for the catalysts for both Witherhoard and Eriana’s Vow both have very long, grindy activity requirements, so that alone may make you want to pull both of them before Izanagi’s Burden so you can go ahead and get started.

PvE Honorable Mentions

Sleeper SimulantSolar Linear Fusion Rifle – I still find this weapon incredibly fun and I have a soft spot for it because of how cool and unique it was when it launched in D1, but linear fusions just aren’t in a good spot right now. This remains at the top of the list of everyone’s “if it gets a buff, it will reign” list. Here’s hoping.

Whisper of the WormHeavy Solar Sniper Rifle – This is the D2 version of a longtime Destiny favorite and the evolution of the original D1 legendary Black Hammer that had infinite boss ammo that was so good it was sunset and brought back as the exotic Black Spindle, which still reigned as the boss DPS king even without infinite ammo. Whisper still has places where it can shine if you have long sustained damage phases with a decent crit spot, but the catalyst is currently unavailable for new players and there are other competing DPS options now compared to when it first released.

Outbreak PerfectedKinetic Pulse Rifle – Like WotW, Outbreak Perfected is a longtime fan favorite but is currently missing its catalyst, and as such is tough to recommend over other options until the catalyst becomes available to new or returning players pulling it fresh from the kiosk.

Player versus Player (PvP)

The Last WordKinetic Hand Cannon – Full disclosure: I’m a console player and have seen plenty of people comment that this is one of the few weapons that plays way different on console compared to PC, with TLW being good on console and average at best on PC. Effective at close to medium range, TLW has an insanely fast time-to-kill (ttk) with it’s truly unique exotic perk that makes it feel unlike any other hand cannon with the hip fan fire. I think it may have an even better chance to shine with shotguns and 120rpm hand cannons being reigned in slightly in the next season. Pairs well with a sniper.

ThornKinetic Hand Cannon – Up to this point, we’ve only covered DoT weapons in PvE. Thorn proves that DoT can be strong in PvP too, as it’s poison rounds keep targets pinned down and delay health recovery. On top of that, you can track between walls where they’re moving as the damage numbers tick off. As a 140 rpm archetype, Thorn isn’t S tier in the current meta but still has a place in skilled hands, and may be poised to be a better option soon with 120s getting brought in.

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Mixed Usage (PvE and PvP)

Ace of SpadesKinetic Hand Cannon – Not quite as good as it once was in PvP with the rise of the 120 RPM Legendary Hand Cannon meta, AoS is still a solid option with great range and bonus damage after getting kills. The only weapon currently in the game with Firefly, AoS also isn’t a bad option for add-clear in PvE with the solar explosions, but won’t be a good choice in higher level content where using an exotic slot for DPS makes more sense.

TruthVoid Rocket Launcher – Being the only rocket launcher in the game that has 3 rockets in the mag, Truth isn’t the most exciting choice, but it has a lot of versatility. Being able to fire off 3 rockets on a staggered champion in high level content leads to very fast burst DPS, and tracking + proximity explosions makes it an easy PvP option to choose as well. Where it really shines is in Gambit invasions, where it’s possible to get three quick Guardian kills with a full mag and the aforementioned excellent tracking + proximity explosion combo.

Le MonarqueVoid Combat Bow – Le Monarque is really having a moment this season with the Overload Bow mod from the artifact, as it completely wrecks shop in Lost Sectors with Void singe and keeps those pesky overload champs from recovering health quickly due to the poison. Poisoning targets on hit, and then having that poison spread to nearby enemies, turns out to be a great perk in PvE for add clear, and also in 6v6 PvP where opponents are close to each other, not to mention that dealing with DoT ticking in PvP means that the effected target will stay at low health for a longer time before recovery kicks in.

JotunnSolar Fusion Rifle – Do you like making things explode? Then Jotunn is the weapon for you! With tracking, Jotunn is a fun weapon to use in PvP, Gambit, and PvE, as it can deal massive solar explosive damage at range, with the tracking really shining in big open areas. In PvE, it can handle yellow bar enemies in only a few shots, particularly in content where solar singe is turned on. While it’s probably not going to compete for the exotic slot in high end content, the fun factor can’t be denied.

That’s what I’ve got. Looking forward to the comments being completely civil with no disagreement with my highlighted choices at all!


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