My Testing of Concussive Dampener and Resist Mods

Content of the article: "My Testing of Concussive Dampener and Resist Mods"

I've seen previous people list their findings on resist mods but none with percentages when it comes to Concussive Dampener. I decided to test it myself using the screenshot and count pixels method. I used blue/white armor out of collections so that my light level wouldn't change and it set my Resilience at Tier 0.

I used Greg the Ogre's stomps and decided to test Boss Resist too while I was at it. After that I decided I would test Minor Resist and had a hobgoblin on Nessus shoot me 3 times a piece for each screenshot. Here are my results.

The health bar on my guardian was 432 pixels long.

Concussive Dampener (x0) 00.00% 104 pixels of damage

Concussive Dampener (x1) 15.38% 88 pixels

Concussive Dampener (x2) 27.88% 75 pixels

Concussive Dampener (x3) 38.46% 64 pixels

Concussive Dampener (x4) 48.08% 54 pixels

Boss Resist (x0) 00.00% 104 pixels of damage

Boss Resist (x1) 10.58% 93 pixels

Boss Resist (x2) 18.27% 85 pixels

Boss Resist (x3) 24.04% 79 pixels

Boss Resist (x4) 26.92% 76 pixels

Minor Resist (x0) 00.00% 254 pixels of damage

Minor Resist (x1) 10.24% 228 pixels

Minor Resist (x2) 18.11% 208 pixels

Minor Resist (x3) 24.02% 193 pixels

Minor Resist (x4) 27.17% 185 pixels

So it appears that Concussive Dampener is way more useful than the regular resist mods, but then it becomes deciding what counts as AoE damage from each combatant. It seems as if almost all bosses use an AoE attack so it may be more beneficial to use Concussive Dampener instead of Boss Resist.

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Decided to check resilience while i was at it. Started at 0 and then used stacks of Heart of the Pack to go up to 10.

0 Resilience — 104 pixels lost

4 Resilience — 100 pixels

7 Resilience — 96 pixels

10 Resilience — 92 pixels

Keep in mind this was a shield increase and not damage resistance, but you can see 1 Boss Resist helps about the same as going from 0 to 10 Resilience.

Edit: Added pixel counts so you guys can check my math.Edit 2: Added resilience test


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