New Unofficial Destiny Voice Companion Amazon app available now!

Hello everyone!

Are you tired of alt-tabbing to your browser to use some item manager or another? Do you have an Amazon Alexa device? Do you wish the official skill would still work? Well, in that case…

I am proud to present a new Amazon Alexa voice skill that allows you to easily manage your Destiny 2 characters. As a full disclaimer — this skill was created with Convoworks, a project which I am a part of. To really push the boundaries of what our product can do I decided to couple it with my love for the game, and thus the Unofficial Destiny Voice Companion came to be.

This skill was created by me as a Destiny player first and foremost. "What would make my life easier?" was my guiding thought. And although this skill is fairly early in development, I am certain it will come in handy.

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Current features:

  • Equip weapons and armor you have in your inventory
  • Transfer items to and from your vault
    • Currently only supports weapons and armor
  • Check which items you have equipped
  • Swap between the characters you want to manage at any time

Upcoming features:

  • Transfer ANY item between your character and the vault
  • Store and equip armor and weapon loadouts
  • Equip or transfer highest power item of a particular type
    • Out in the field, and you need a hand cannon for a bounty? There you go.

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: You cannot link your account via Steam.

This is not our fault, this is wholly a problem on Bungie's side. I have already brought it up with them, now we can only wait. Please link your account with literally ANY other platform. I understand how frustrating this is — trust me. If you only play on PC, you can, for example, create a free PS/Xbox account, activate cross-save, and use that platform to link your account.

If you're annoyed by this (rightfully so), please contact Bungie and tell them that their account linking redirect site 404's when the response is coming from Steam. For the technically inclined, you can read some comments here.

You can activate the skill here. If you have anything to suggest, or if you want to let me know something isn't working, please email me at ( Thank you all in advance!

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