october 2019, that is the last time we got a new iron banner set. The level of neglect for IB is completely unacceptable at this point

it has been well over two years since we got an actually new set (to say nothing of the near year long gap between weapons that arent just garbage reissues). I understand that a new set every season is a bit unreasonable for IB which is already somewhat of a minority pvp mode due to light advantages putting a lot of newcomers off, but two years is completely and utterly fucking unacceptable.

And the worst part is there is almost zero incentive for newer players to want to even give the mode a try.

I mean, if you already have the two sets on rotation, well GG you basically never have to play iron banner again once transmog comes out. They literally have to bribe people who dont normally do IB to play at this point because there's nothing new to earn outside of a blue moon, and it's usually just a single gun that has a comparable if not superior Trials/Raid sibling or is just another fucking reissue of the same fucking gear we had at the end of Black Armory.

And that's without saying anything about the matchmaking, IB is infamous for getting stacked against by people who play the game 24/7 or who ask for people who do to pop in while providing zero grouped people on your side. So if you aren't screwed in the head like i am and genuinely enjoy the game mode, it can be one of the most agonizing pvp experiences in d2 for a solo player as you get stacked into oblivion.

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At this point, i think i'm just going to sit this IB out. As much as i love it, i'm just so fucking tired of pvp getting shafted because dear director is too lazy to do anything with it besides make it a dumping ground for catalyst quests. I mean for god's sake it took them what? a year to release new trials of osiris shit? to say nothing of how long it took them to put some QoL improvements into the rank system for QP and Comp.

Anyways, sorry for the rant just getting a tiny bit fed up with staple modes like IB, Trials, Strikes, and Gambit getting hosed because dear director wants to just have us all pay attention to the shallow shiny new thing that barely has any content once it's all released, while demanding that we participate in the same endless 3 core activities that never change and rarely receive any real work.


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