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Deer trivia: Deer that sustain injuries can experience the “contralateral effect,” which typically results in lopsided antlers. One antler will be complete the normal, and the other will be smaller or malformed.

Step 1 – Post anti-bullying PSA’s in the forest. Deer should not be teased for having abnormal antlers!

Step 2 – Pick up the following Dailies. Weeklies can be found here.

Tower Bounties:

  • Zavala Daily – Show Them The Light – 5 Super Kills in Strikes
  • Shaxx Daily – Sparring Grounds – Complete 2 Crucible Matches
  • Shaxx Daily – Area of Effect – 1 Grenade Kill in Crucible
  • Ada-1 Daily – Forge Super Kills – 10 Super Kills in a Forge
  • Ada-1 Daily – Lost Forge Power Kills – 10 Power Weapon Kills in a Forge
  • Ada-1 Daily – An Ancient Fire – Complete a Forge
  • Drifter Daily – All Right, All Right, All Right – Complete 1 Gambit Match
  • Drifter Daily – Line ‘em Up – As a Fireteam, Kill 5 Guardians in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Not Your Mama’s Combat Drill – Kill 50 Enemies in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Invader: Invading the Crucible – Complete 2 Crucible Matches
  • Drifter Daily – Reaper: Light Based Killer – Earn 1 Super Multikill Medal in Gambit Prime
  • Drifter Daily – Collector: Bang Knuckles – 20 Melee Ability Kills in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – A Balanced Sentry Breakfast – Kill a Primeval in Gambit Prime
  • Drifter Daily – Reaper: Reaping With the Basics – 30 Kills With Primary Ammo Weapons
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Burst Factor – 20 Grenade Kills
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Lightbearer Down – 10 Kills in Crucible
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Precision Shooter – 50 Precision Kills
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – End of Line – Kill 5 Vex With Finishers
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  • Eris Morn – Lunar Patrol – Complete 3 Patrols on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – Unscathed Deathdealer – 10 Power Weapon Streak Kills on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – Ritualistic Finish – Kill 7 Hive With Finishers on the Moon
  • Devrim Kay – European Live Zone – Kill 50 Enemies in the EDZ
  • Devrim Kay – Deadeye – 10 Precision Kills in the EDZ
  • Failsafe – Super Powerful – 20 Super Kills on Nessus
  • Failsafe – War Machine – 3 Power Weapon Multikills on Nessus
  • Failsafe – Lightbringer – Create 10 Orbs of Light on Nessus

Step 3 – Follow These Steps:

  1. Fly to Nessus, grab Failsafe’s bounties, then run the Insight Terminus Strike. Get your Vex finishers early! (15 minutes)
  2. Play two Iron Banner matches. (20 minutes)
  3. Play two matches of Gambit Prime. (20 minutes)
  4. Fly to the EDZ, grab Devrim’s bounties, then clear the Volundr Forge. (10 minutes)
  5. Fly TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, grab Eris’s bounties, then slay out and patrol in Sorrow’s Harbor. (10 minutes)

Total Non-Elemental Non-Weapon-Specific Bounties Cleared:

  • 26 Dailies
  • Both Forge Weeklies
  • Both Gambit Weeklies, if you haven’t already gotten them
  • “Capture Zones” Iron Banner Weekly (if you’ve been playing the objective – you HAVE been playing the objective, haven’t you?)

Total Time: 75 minutes

Bounties Per Minute: .346


  • 139,000 XP (unmodified)
  • 12,000 XP per Tower Weekly
  • 5 Vanguard Tokens, 1/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge
  • 10 Crucible Tokens, 2/8 Crucible Weekly Challenge
  • 8/8 Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • 3 Modulus Reports
  • 100 Altered Element
  • 15 Helium Filament
  • 15 Datalettuce
  • 10 Dusklight Shards
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Season Ranks Per Hour: 1.11

Extra Weapon/Elemental Specific Bounties:

  • Zavala: Fusion Rifle, Solar, Void Kills in Strikes
  • Banshee: Scout Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Linear Fusion Rifle, Arc Weapon Kills
  • Eris: Auto Rifle Kills on the Moon
  • Put ‘em all together: Run a Scout Rifle, Fusion Rifle, and Linear Fusion Rifle in the Strike. Make sure one weapon is Arc, then split the other two elements between your other weapon and your subclass. Auto Rifle on the Moon. This is 8 extra bounties for 48,000 XP.
  • Io’s bounties are easy with a Solar weapon.


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