Our Guardian is not the main character in Beyond Light

Content of the article: "Our Guardian is not the main character in Beyond Light"

Okay so stick with me on this because it’s literally ground breaking and once you open your third eye to this truth there is no going back.

It is well known that Bungie pulls story inspirations from various sources but they have been setting up this story beat since the very beginning.

SPOILERS AHEAD : You have been warned

In Beyond light we finally get the long awaited return of the Exo Stranger but we now know her true identity Elsie Bray. Also note that it is shown that Elsie can wield ice powers I.e Stasis.

Elsie is not the only living Bray that we know about or that appears in Beyond light. That’s right, my main girl herself Ana Bray. Key thing to note here is that Ana being a Guardian has no memory of her past life and more importantly Elsie, she only knows of her due to Ana tracking down information about her past life.

Towards the end of Beyond light we watch Elsie struggle with her internal conflict to contact Ana and show her the truth that she had been hiding from her in an attempt to keep her safe from the powers that she wields (Stasis) because in Elsie’s past Ana had been overcome or injured by them.

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I hope your beginning to see the parallels here but if not let’s break it down

Elsie and Ana – Sisters

Elsie – can wield Ice powers

Ana – lost her memory and contact with her sister

Elsie – desperately tries to hide this information from her sister for fear of what has become of Ana in her past

Elsie- Elsa

Ana – Anna


So you may be asking, If Beyond light is basically Frozen, what character are we based on, and I have that answer as well

So looking way back to Vanilla D1, Elsie contacts us to pursue the vex on Venus, the first major story beat being destroying the heart in the Black garden. In a certain way you could say she “made” us into the god killing Guardian we are now.

Then in Warmind we team up with Ana to help her on Mars. She uses us to contact Rasputin and to uncover more information about her family.

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Finally in Beyond light our Guardian Finally reunites the sisters and Ana learns of Elsie’s Powers.

So that makes us OLAF

Yes Ana has yet to fully accept Elsie with her powers but we have much more content to come.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Your welcome

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