Penumbral Blast is impossible to trigger when you actually need it, and can’t hit anything when you finally do

I'm well aware that I'm not the first to point this out, and I'm aware that there have been nerfs.

That doesn't change the fact that Penumbral Blast (PB) is the most awkward skill Bungie have given us, yet it also manages to be the only skill the Warlock has to reliably trigger stasis. Granted, I have not unlocked any of the aspects yet, so perhaps it gets a bit easier, but the grenades are so clunky that I actively avoid using them.

I just ran the Hollow Lair strike (the Tangled Shore one where you have to kill the fanatic) to progress the Born in Darkness quest, and during the boss fight, I kept trying to use PB on the waves of enemies that the boss spawns. Those waves would have been perfect to rack up stasis kills, and I have the Monte Carlo rifle, so I could recharge PB quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to trigger, because it kept defaulting to regular melee attacks. Enemies were spawning behind me, so even if I cleared the one in front of me, my melee would simply target the one behind and not trigger PB.

Frankly, I'm not impressed with Stasis as a mechanic, and at this point I only use it because it's necessary to progress certain quests. The minute I finish those quests, I'll switch back to Light classes and never look back.

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EDIT: So this is blowing up a bit more than I expected.

People are focusing on the wrong aspect of my post: I don't care much about whether the enemies in that particular strike actually count toward the quest progress. Rather, I was pointing out that PB is a melee ability that can't actually be used in melee, and whose effective range is too short to generally be effective at range. I spend more time trying to find that sweet spot where I can actually cast it and be able to hit enemies than I would like to.

As far as balance goes, I really don't care. By Destiny standards, I'm a fairly casual player, so I don't care if Warlocks are better at stasis than everyone else. That's not the point. I'm simply expressing my displeasure with this skill in the hopes that Bungie might actually do something about it. I'm usually in favour of buffing everyone else to the level of the best class, rather than nerfing something good to make it as mediocre as everyone else.


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