Please have the debuff blast of Fellwinter’s Helm eminate from the enemy you killed instead of from yourself

Content of the article: "Please have the debuff blast of Fellwinter’s Helm eminate from the enemy you killed instead of from yourself"

Fellwinter's Helm is a very cool looking and interesting exotic, but became forgettable quickly due to it not being practical.

Some incredibly interesting melee builds can be made in combination with this helmet, but having to get in the face of the enemy to make Warlord's End useful makes the helm very impractical.

Especially for the more difficult activities where getting too close to a bunch of enemies is a quick way to get killed.

And you have to use it on a (small) group of enemies, since it otherwise wouldn't be debuffing anything except the corpses of the enemies you already had to kill because otherwise it would not have been save to get up close and melee an enemy.

If the debuff blast originated from the enemy you killed instead of yourself it would open up a whole range of playstyle possibilities in combination with ranged melee attacks.

Additionally, spawning a Warmind cell while you have the Power of Rasputin mod equipped does EXACTLY this already! Enemies are weakened when even remotely close to the Warmind cell which it is safer to do and more useful.

This change would not affect the usability of close ranged melee attacks since you stand next to the enemy you kill, but it would allow for the helmet to also be of value when using ranged melee attacks.

I've always felt like this option was actively avoided instead of overlooked when the exotic was designed. However, changing the current situation to what I suggested would not make it overpowered in the slightest IMO. It would simply make the helmet a useful exotic instead of it being not even as good as a Warmind cell mod.

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Edit: wow, I'm seeing a lot of comments of people who agree with the suggestion and who are also bummed out with the way the exotic turned out. Let's pray to RNGEZUS that this idea finds it way to the developers.

(I don't know how to tag any community managers, but I'm sure they've seen the post.)


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