Please stop telling people to convert Prisms to Cores

Content of the article: "Please stop telling people to convert Prisms to Cores"

I guess some YouTuber made a video that was like, hey if you maxed out on Prisms during Double Loot Ordeal Week, you can something something blue armor and get 3 masterwork cores for every Prism.

Full stop, this is stupid as hell.

That conversion rate is atrocious and cores are insanely easy to get. And you will be short on prisms and shards before you know it, and you'd much rather be working for cores now than those mats later.

There's a reason we spent time grinding for enhancement materials – and it wasn't so we could throw over half of them away by converting them to other, inferior materials. I mean. Again: you spent time grinding Lake of Shadows just to throw half your Prisms away to make Cores? What the hell, people.

Here are some ways to get cores – you can get hundreds a week, and more are always available 24/7 no matter who you are or how you play:

– 4 a day on each character from Banshee bounties. Takes minutes. That’s 84 a week if you can find a half hour a day.

– Run Pit on each character, total time investment 2.5 hours max once you get the hang of it and a good team. Dismantle the armor and get 6 cores + 6 prisms each time.

– Just play! All purple gear that dismantles can turn into a core. I feel like seasonal (Umbral stuff this season) and endgame content tends to have better chances, but who knows exactly. But yeah, just keep going and keep sharding and cores will just appear. More than you realize.

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– If you play regularly you have thousands of legendary shards – I hover around 12,000 – so every day fly to Spider and buy two or three cores.

-Hope they fix Hawthrone’s clan rewards, until two resets ago that was a free 21 a week just for playing.

– Are you one of those players that never pops their Finest Matterweaves? Why? Don’t. Pop them! Free cores.

– Redeem gunsmith mats, Zavala tokens, Shaxx tokens, and shard the drops. You get a core about 1/5 times, and all give you more mats and shards for more Gunsmith and Spider spending.

– Go through your Vault and thrash anything MW’d you don’t need anymore. Don't be a hoarder, especially with Y1 weapons or armor.


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