Power level and damage scaling (TL:DR at the bottom)

Content of the article: "Power level and damage scaling (TL:DR at the bottom)"

Well, since there have been quite a bit of debate of how power level affects damage output, and the usual source for this metric was outdated (Warmind Expansion). I decided to take it upon myself and conduct some damage testing in a controlled environment in order to update the information.

Tests were performed at the beggining of the Garden of Salvation raid, by hitting the minotaur the harpy is "eating" with a kinetic Auto Rifle (Horror Story), kept at 750 power throughout the whole test (More on weapon level at the end). This area is recomended 910 power

Damage dealt with Horror Story at 750 power, without any enemy spec mod

Power Level Delta to the enemy Damage
794 -116 Immune
802 -108 Immune
815 -95 86
823 -87 89
824 -86 90
828 -82 92
831 -79 93
836 -74 95
841 -69 97
845 -65 98
854 -56 101
861 -49 105
866 -44 108
870 -40 111
875 -35 115
880 -30 119
885 -25 125
890 -20 131
895 -15 143
900 -10 155
905 -5 175
910 196
915 +5 196
920 +10 196

So. As you can see on the table, you need to be under 100 levels below the enemy to be able to do damage, but most of you knew this already. The thing that suprised me, is that our damage output caps out at the enemy´s level, which goes opposite to what many believe happens. Our previous belief was that our damaged capped at 20/50 levels over the enemy , but this is false.

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Another thing that interested me. I tested 2 horror stories while overleveled, one of them being at 750, which i conducted most of this experiments with. and another one at 1040. Now, individual weapon level also affects the amount of damage dealt. the 750 hit a max number of 196, but the 1040 was able to hit up to 579. I also tested the 1040 while being at power level 855, and this did 301 damage (in comparison to the 750 hitting 101), thus we can see that this effects translates throughout the whole power band .


In conclusion, our damage output is both affected by our weapon´s individual level, along with our combined power level. Hope this clears any doubts or concerns you may have about optimizing damage output.

Happy hunting guardians

Video of me performing the tests (Not much going on, but if anyone wants to check my numbers):

Edit: also, each level matters when you are under-leveled


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