Prophecy Guides for all Three Characters

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So… WANT to flawless the Prophecy dungeon? Can't decide which character to attempt it with? Can't decide on weapons? You've come to the right post!

I finished my final flawless (on my Titan) a few nights ago, so figured I'd post my videos and strats in here in hopes of helping you fine folks out!

The Videos

General Tips

Out of the three, I personally found it easiest on Warlock; however, it was far easier than I thought it was gonna be on a Titan.

Oppressive Darkness is great as long as you're running void classes.

Taken Mods are an absolute must. Depending which character you roll with, you may not need all of them. Hive barrier is not a necessity, but it is a huge help as it does stack with Taken barrier (When hit by a Taken Knight). Major/Minor/Boss resists DO stack; however, I wouldn't go with more than 2 or 3 of each as the returns start to diminish.

If you need the mods/armor to slot them, they can be easily farmed (weekly) by grabbing the chests in Last Wish, Scourge of the Past hidden chest at the sparrow part, and/or Menagerie.

TAKE YOUR TIME! You don't need to speed run it, but you do need to do it all in one sitting. So no going to orbit. If you need a few minutes before a boss to rest your nerves, take the time you need. Just make sure you don't get auto booted.

Class Specifics

First off, Hunter was the first class I cleared it with so some of these strats may not be the most ideal anymore. I ran The Sixth Coyote for the whole thing and bottom tree void. Gives me double dodge which gives me basically infinite invis via smoke bombs.

Warlock, I ran Well for the first boss and then after that switched to Nezarec's Sin and Devour void class.

Titan…. ran the Crest of Alpha Lupi. Whenever you drop a Titan barrier, you get a decent chunk of health back. With the Taken invigoration mod, you can actually have multiple barriers up at the same time if you wanted to pillow fort yourself somewhere lol. For the two boss encounters, I ran bubble Titan and for the rest of the dungeon I ran middle tree Void. The reason for that is for middle tree, when your void detonators explode, it heals you. Comes in clutch at times.

First Encounter

As far as I know, you can skip this encounter on all three characters, although I've never tried it on Hunter. Titan you need catapult lift with Lion Rampants and a sword. Warlocks need Icarus Dash and a sword. If you do decide to go through the encounter, it's pretty easy and there's many ways to do it. I went with Anarchy on my hunter and just stuck the knights before standing in the dark/light areas.

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Phalanx Echo

Ok NOW the fun begins! Warlocks and Titans can one phase this guy whereas Hunters are in for a two phase. One thing I can't stress enough…. KNIGHT MANAGEMENT! Going in for a slam while there's 2 or 3 knights up is not generally a great idea. Take motes from the first 2, slam, then kill the third one. Don't worry about his motes if it's dangerous. Just focus on the first 2 knights that spawn. If your motes timer runs out, just take a breath and restart. It's better than wiping.

For Warlock, your best bet is to run Well and a Sword. I didn't use an exotic armor piece for this area just the proper mods. Ran Witherhorde to take out large groups of psions and also great vs Knights. Tag em, then hide in the dark/light. When DPS starts, pop a Witherhorde at the boss then start swording. When your'e taking on damage, charge and throw a grenade to heal yourself. As soon as the Goblins start to spawn, drop your well. As long as you're in your well, you can still damage the boss through any sort of shields the Goblins attempt to make. Also a good idea to run a mod that gives you "charged with light" and the Lucent Blade mod. It'll give you more sword damage when you go in for DPS.

Titan is the same weapons/mods loadout as Warlock except (obviously) when DPS starts, immediately drop a bubble and go to town. You SHOULD be able to one phase him but don't be surprised if you can't quite get him. When Goblins spawn and shield the boss, quickly go and sword them and then come back to the boss. Also a good idea to keep some Witherhorde on the boss.


I ran Xenophage here for the blights and ads. It 3 shots a blight and can come in handle vs the solar shielded Captains. Anarchy works as well here. I also switched to a sniper and my Gnawing Hunger (with demolitionist).

Warlock, make sure to switch to devour build here and run Nezarec's sin. If you have a good rolled Gnawing Hunger, you should be getting your grenade back quick after eating one for Devour. Use sniper for the Hobgoblins.

Titans, switch to middle tree Void and watch those detonators explode! Each one heals you and recharges your grenade. So you should be able to THROW MORE GRENADES!

No changes needed for hunter aside from weapons. Just keep dodging and smoking!

Cube Room

Same loadout from the wasteland works. Xeno instead of Anarchy (if you used it). Xeno the first area when the ads spawn and you should melt them immediately. Quickly deal with the other spawn using Xeno. Then pop both snipers to spawn two knights. Continue using Xeno on the knights but before grabbing the last mote(s), pop one of the snipers. Last thing you need is two of them sniping you as you attempt to slam. And remember, don't be afraid to use a super if you need to.

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In my hunter video, I ran Riskrunner. It also works really well here as it'll give you extra shielding. Just gotta find a decent heavy that you're comfortable with.

Warlocks, for each room, as soon as Ads spawn, pop Devour, then go to town with Gnawing Hunger. You should stay fully healed the entire time.

Titans, don't forget to immediately barrier up after you slam.

After the knights and snipers despawn, wait around for another ad spawn then grenade them to proc Taken Armaments and get all your Xeno back. Do this for every room and you'll never run out of heavy.

For the final room, grenade the first boss then go to town with Xeno. For the second boss just drop him with a super. Very easy. Moving on….

Ribbon Road

Take this room as slow as you need to. If you need to use the jumping platforms the entire time, go for it. I got more comfortable as I did more runs and would Sparrow all the way close to the bottom. Just don't forget to snipe/Xeno the Vandal snipers.

Kell Echo

Take a deep breath….you've almost done it! Not so bad hey? Here we go:

Switch from sniper to Mountaintop. For the rooms, as soon as the encounter starts, grenade/Xeno/Mountaintop the first group of Psions that spawn at the entrance then immediately take out one of the knights. Don't worry about the motes they drop, it's just to eliminate one to make life easier. Continue working on the rest of the Psions and then move on to getting your light/dark motes. Again…. KNIGHT MANAGEMENT! Don't slam motes when two knights JUST spawned. Always slam when there's only one. Again, Xeno is great vs the knights/ads/Ogres. After you slam once, the room becomes much much easier as you now have a corner to hide in.

Warlocks, don't forget to proc devour.

Titans, switch to bubble tree and drop a bubble right at the beginning. You might as well….you'll have it back for DPS.

After you do your final slam, (when it's safe to) switch from Xeno to Anarchy and wait to grenade a spawn or two and get your heavy full. Also wait for your grenade to full charge before going to DPS. Once you arrive in the DPS area, stick the boss with a couple anarchy then grenade him to get that oppressive darkness proc. I generally like going to the right platform and hiding there, hitting the boss with more anarchy when needed and mountaintop between that.

The right side platform also gives you an easy shot at the first sniper when it spawns. As soon as it does, take it out, then move to that platform and take out the other sniper. Just keep moving up and eliminating the snipers as soon as they spawn to save yourself some stress. When you have time, pop the boss with more anarchy. After all the snipers are gone, grenade the boss again (at the end) and pop more anarchy and mountaintop into him. After he leaves, switch back to Xeno and wait for your grenade to recharge. You can even wait for your super to recharge if you want. Who cares how long it takes, just as long as you get it done! Do these steps and it SHOULD be a three phase but don't stress if it's a 4.

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Warlocks, when going over to the right platform at the beginning, this is a good spot to toss a Nova Bomb at the boss. If you really want to play it safe, don't toss a grenade at the boss and eat it instead to proc devour. Then kill snipers to extend the devour.

Titans, once you get to the right platform at the start, drop a bubble. Just beware, it doesn't usually protect you from the teleport balls the boss throws at you. Barrier walls; however, do protect you from that.

Hunters, multi tether the boss at the beginning after sticking a couple anarchy on him.

After all this, rinse and repeat and pray you don't get the room with the giant hole in the middle. The ads spawn far faster in this room and there's not many good places to hide.

Hope I didn't forget any tips…..and hopefully this helps some of you get it done!



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