Raid loot needs to be more unique.

Content of the article: "Raid loot needs to be more unique."

As it stands currently, there is pretty much no reason to do a Raid except for pinnacle gear, seals and to have fun (which are fair enough reasons). And maybe just to get a weapon you like. The loot isn't unique enough to justify going out to acquire it.

Back in Destiny 1, all the Vault of Glass weapons came with Oracle Disruptor

This weapon deals bonus damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass.

Although not useful outside of the raid itself, it was still unique

Kings fall weapons all came with Cocoon (Which is Auto Loading Holster) and dealt bonus damage to taken enemies.

Wrath of the Machine weapons had Whirlwind's Curse

This weapon does bonus damage against Fallen. Bonus Agility when this weapon is equipped

Now with the armour, Vault of Glass armour would have perks like Vex Striker which would have a chance to spawn an orb of light after killing a vex enemy with a precision kill. There was also Anti Praetorian which would grant bonus super energy after killing one. Wrath of the Machine had Eliksni Immunity, which would make you take less damage from Fallen for a short time after picking up an orb. I could list the many other perks but you get the idea.

Although, Destiny 2 does have perks like this on our armour because we are able to apply it using a mod slot. But when compared to armour you can get from other sources, it's really not that much better. It's possible to get armour that is stat rolled better out in the world than raid gear. But, raid gear is more consistent in giving good rolls. What if raid gear could roll really heavily into one stat and have completely unique stat rolls? For example, you could get a helmet with maximum recovery but 0 in all the other stats. What if the gauntlets for Warlocks increased the amount of scout rifle damage you did and the gauntlets for Titans increased shotgun damage. This could also give us more class identity.

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Now what do we have in Destiny 2 on raid weapons to make them stand out? (pretty much) Nothing. The only one we have is Taken Spec which gives bonus damage against take which, in my opinion, should be a blanket perk across all Last Wish raid weapons, like how all the raid weapons in Destiny 1 had perks relating to where they were obtained and the enemies in that raid. Raid weapons should have unique perks that only they can have that is on all of them. Some raid energy weapons could do 10% extra damage against shields and some kinetics have 10% against un-shielded enemies. If there is ever Hard mode added again, the hard mode ones could have a 20% bonus. Just as an example. There should also be more perks that only raid weapons can have on them.

Maybe give us set bonuses? This could work with weapons as well. If you have the full raid set on, or some pieces (Could go 2,4,5,6,7,8 this includes weapons) you get some sort of bonus at each tier of depending on the pieces you have on.


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