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Much of the lore surrounding this raid comes from Truth to Power. This books is extremely unreliable and parts have even been disproven in other lore books. Because of this, I will only mention things that have been confirmed in an unrelated lore book. Also, this one is explained more by context clues than lore cards.


(I'm doing an abridged version because the lore for this raid is dense)

Said in short, the Dreaming City is an area on Vesta which was terraformed by Riven.

3 years before the raid, Oryx sacked the system. During the Battle of Saturn, he was able to enter the Dreaming City, and there he took the Techeuns and the ahamkara Riven before the city was sealed off (Source: TtP, Confirmation: Reverie Dawn Helm). Two years later, Savathun took control of the taken in Sol, and combining Riven with the Taken Vex Mind Quria, she set out to put the City in a timeloop for her plans. Uldren has already unlocked the City, all Riven needs to start the loop is a wish…

Wall of Wishes

This is a Techeun designed contraption that conveys messages to Riven so specifically that she cannot twist the wish into something else. (Source: Helm of the Great Hunt) We use it to skip encounters and add funny dialogue. My personal, baseless theory is that the 15th wish bans you from the game, and that Ginsor knows this and doesn't want it getting out.


Kalli is a Techeun, who are awoken granted permission by the Queen to explore their power (Source: Techeun Force). We enter a hidden room which is strikingly similar to the blind well known as the Tower of Opened Eyes (the opposite name of the blind well). Our goal is not to kill the witch, but to weaken her enough so that she can break free from taken control, by shooting her. Her scream attack is an awoken magic, and her launch attack is a taken ability (Source: Deathscreen). Her wipe attack is called an "ontological weapon", which means it will rip apart reality in order to kill you. The visuals of this attack suggest it is a combination of awoken and taken magics.

So what about the doors? The doors are awoken technology effectively shield you from reality breaking weapons. The similarity of the room to the Blind Well suggests that, by standing on the plates, we are "charging" the doors with our power (Source on how the Blind Well works). 6 of the plates are linked to the doors, as indicated by the symbols atop the map. However, the taken have put barriers in our way, such as placing taken purges on the plates, trapping two of the plates with taken ogres, and blocking power from reaching the doors with a taken knight.

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Or the guardians just electrocute Kalli with Anarchy which stops her from using her weapon at all.

Shuro Chi:

Shuro Chi was the most important of the Techeuns, and the order had been in disarray since she was taken (Source: Taken Power Grimoire). Shuro has a different weapon, a song that will immediately obliterate you. The entire arena is filled with awoken technology that seems to power the song. The song takes 4 minutes to complete. Solving the puzzles at the end of each lane shuts down the song and forces Shuro to restart, suggesting that the puzzles are a failsafe mechanism to shut down this super weapon. This may explain why the plates damage you, as only certain personnel should be able to use them (very speculative).

Shuro will also move towards one of 6 altars which allow her to speed up the song. These altars appear to function through the three crystals that appear on the corners of it. The crystals have also been infused with taken energy, which may be why picking them up speeds up the song timer. Shooting the crystals at each other in a loop seems to overload the plate, which disables Shuro's shield. The faster tempo can be stopped by beating the shit out of her or with a taken essence.

Eyes of Riven are unique taken captains that carry the taken essences. The essences grant guardians power but will consume them if not dispelled after a short period of time. I have a theory about the Eyes of Riven that I will get to in the vault section.


The Keep of Voices is guarded by Morgeth, the Spirekeeper.

There is no lore on this dude. Not a single mention exists in the entire ishtar collective. So, as far as we know, he's just a really big taken ogre with unique taken abilities. Said taken power is to release a shockwave that "invokes your death". The blast can be sped up by absorbing taken strength and appears to be stored in the large blobs on his back.

Taken strengths are not something exclusive to Morgeth, as we see it with Riven later on. They only accelerate taken powers. Guardians can absorb up to two of them without dying. However, Morgeth can then manipulate the taken strength inside a guardian and turn it into a damaging cage. Another guardian can absorb their taken strength during this by dispelling a taken essence nearby.

When all 10 of Morgeth's taken strengths are absorbed, he becomes vulnerable to attack, though he can still charge his explosion. Guardians today don't have much issue with killing him before he explodes, but in a worst case scenario they can use a taken essense to disrupt Morgeth's charge, setting everyone back to square one.

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(If this part is confusing I will rewrite it)

The Vault:

After slaying Morgeth, the guardians ascend the tower and reach the Vault.

The Vault is an awoken lock designed to keep people out of Riven's chamber. Once the unlocking process has started, the Vault Security Mechanism will start, giving the unlockers a few minutes to open the vault before they all instantly die. To open the vault, three people must stand on the three plates surrounding the vault machine and read the symbols they see. Using this, they will know which taken essences need to be placed on each plate (either a penumbral or antumbral essence). They must repeat this process three times to open the vault.

The vault has been corrupted by taken, who block off walls. They also send taken knights known as the Mights of Riven to stab and prematurely start the Security Mechanism.

What is interesting is that the vault runs on taken energy, which shouldnt make sense as it was built before the awoken encountered the taken. Here is my theory. "Taken Essences" are not the essences of taken, but rather essences which have been taken. These awoken essences would have been given to high ranking Eliksni who served the queen to be used as weapons and keys. When these captains were taken, the essences would be taken with them (pure speculation).


I've done this encounter legit only once so if I get something wrong please tell me.

The guardians begin the encounter by descending the tower and going into two separate rooms, since they dont know where the dragon will appear. Riven attacks one side with fire-breath and thrashing her tentacles. If stunned damaged enough, her eyes will start to glow and she moves to the other side. Her eyes are glowing because she is about to wipe everyone with her gaze (Source: deathcard). This appears to be a taken ability given the taken blight that forms in her mouth. It can be stopped by shooting the eyes that are about to wipe you. She then goes to the next floor (I've heard somewhere that ahamkara's eyes glow when they grant a wish. I cant find that anywhere).

To follow her, guardians have to activate the elevators, another machine tied to essences. Two people must activate the elevator. One picks up an essence and sees a symbol. The other stands on a podium which lets them see many symbols on the ground. The one on the podium must lead the one with the essence to the corresponding symbol, and releasing the essence there activates the elevator. (the fact that picking up the essence lets you see awoken symbols give further credence to my theory).

Once guardians reach the top, Riven gazes with 6 eyes at once and retreats back to the bottom of the tower. While guardians descend, they shoot boils on her skin that cause large amounts of damage. If she is near death, she sends everyone to a portion of the ascendant plane so suffocating it damages guardians. After escaping, the dragon attempts one more wipe attack, this time from the mouth, and destroying the attack kills her.

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Her heart still has to be destroyed, as it is releasing a metaphysical bleed. Which means it is destroying everything on a conceptual level. So you climb inside her mouth to reach it. Once it destroyed, the dragon is defeated.


Now that Riven is dead, its time to purify its heart. The Techeuns are waiting at the bottom of the tower, where the ritual must me done. The heart has chosen who can pick it up. After 15 seconds of holding it, the heart will beat faster and collapse reality (source: deathcards) around it, sucking the holder and anyone too close inside. The taken's corruption has also created a creeping darkness that will consume everyone too far away from the heart. The heart has taken strength inside of it which, like Morgeth, speed up the reality collapsing, so trapped guardians can reset the heart by picking all of them up. Once at least one guardian makes it to the end, the Techeuns purify it, releasing everyone. They say "I am glad you did not heed her words".

But you did.

You listened to her dialogue.

And now she has a subconscious wish to curse the city with.


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