Results of the DTG Exotic Weapon Survey – 14,265 responses

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This subreddit is actually amazing. 14,265 people filled out the exotic weapon survey – honestly blown away how much you all rallied behind this. I think these numbers are a testament to how upset the community is that exotics they earned from really memorable activities (ascending the Shattered Throne, becoming bros with Calus, exploring Mars for Sleeper Nodes etc.) are just not worth using.

This is following up from my original post, here. Feel free to have a read if you want some context.

Summary of the results – the most underwhelming exotics

The survey was completed by 14,265 players on this subreddit. It asked players two things:

  1. Have you used this exotic in the past 6 months?
  2. Rate the performance of this exotic
The exotics with the lowest use The worst performing (% rated 'very weak' or 'weak')
1. Wishender – 15.55% *** 1. Salvation's Grip – 77.35%
2. The Queenbreaker – 15.70% *** 2. Skyburner's Oath – 72.09%
3. The Prospector – 16.94% 3. D.A.R.C.I. – 67.96%
4. D.A.R.C.I. – 17.78% *** 4. The Queenbreaker – 62.16%
5. Legend of Acrius – 18.52% *** 5. Wishender – 57.20%
6. Wavesplitter – 19.85% *** 6. Sleeper Simulant – 55.30%
7. Cerberus-1 – 20.31% *** 7. Malfeasance – 55.07%
8. Lord of Wolves – 20.88% 8. Cerberus-1 – 53.99%
9. Wordline Zero – 21.47% *** 9. Leviathan's Breath – 53.17%
10. Tommy's Matchbook – 22.64% *** 10. Wordline Zero – 50.76%
11. Merciless – 22.81% *** 11. The Jade Rabbit – 50.35%
12. Polaris Lance – 24.35% *** 12. Borealis – 49.41%
13. Borealis – 24.46% *** 13. Legend of Acrius – 47.29%
14. Rat King – 24.92% 14. Wavesplitter – 45.45%
15. Malfeasance – 25.14% *** 15. Coldheart – 45.45%
16. Truth – 25.18% 16. Tommy's Matchbook – 44.96%
17. Coldheart – 26.41% *** 17. Merciless – 44.95%
18. Symmetry – 26.41% *** 18. Polaris Lance – 44.16%
19. Leviathan's Breath – 27.10% *** 19. Symmetry – 44.13%
20. Devil's Ruin – 27.25% 20. Lumina – 43.59%
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*** = weapon appears in both columns (low usage & low performance)

To the Bungie devs: you asked us what weapons we would like to see prioritised for buffs/reworks in the future. Here is what we came up with – any of the weapons above would be great candidates. Particularly the ones that appear in both columns (denoted by ***). We know your time is limited and you can't tackle everything at once, but hopefully this will help you prioritise you efforts when it comes to exotic balancing/reworks/catalysts. Please keep asking us for more feedback – we love this game and want to help make it even better.

Exotic weapon types seeing consistently low use & performance

  • Scout Rifles – they all were only used by 24 – 31% of respondents in the last 6 months (DMT outlier)
  • Sidearms – they all were only used by 25 – 31% of respondents in the last 6 months
  • Auto Rifles – they all were only used by 20 – 50% of respondents in the past 6 months

Although their numbers were not as bad, Pulse Rifles & Trace Rifles also saw notably low use. These low numbers might suggest that these weapon archetypes need global buffs, in addition to specific tuning or reworks for individual exotics.

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A note on DMT: I'm pleasantly surprised to see DMT used so much in PvE. Amongst the primaries, only Trinity Ghoul, Ticuu's & Riskrunner had a higher % usage. Hopefully the upcoming nerfs to DMT will not affect its PvE appeal.

Regarding future surveys (e.g. exotic armour)

Thanks again everyone for participating in this survey & trying to bring some attention to Destiny's saddest exotic weapons. Again, I was so surprised when I saw how many people had participated. This data is your data, so thank you for your efforts – I really didn't do too much!

A lot of people in my previous post asked me to do an exotic armour survey in the near future. I would be happy to make one depending on how this initial survey is acknowledged by Bungie. If our collective voices are falling on deaf ears, well then I don't want to waste the community's time.

In the event that I do make a survey, now would be the best time for feedback & suggestions, so please offer any in the comments. I was thinking of changing the format – screenshot of hypothetical question & screenshot of hypothetical results. There would also be a preceding "do you own this exotic?" question, to which answering no would prevent people from voting. Thoughts?

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