Reworking the Global Drop Pool (Helping with Sunsetting)

Content of the article: "Reworking the Global Drop Pool (Helping with Sunsetting)"

This is our suggestion of how the global drop table could have been changed to include some unused weapons whilst increasing variety, continuing the trend of re-issuing weapons without random rolls. This was meant to be posted within the first couple weeks of beyond light (i.e. before the world pool was updated in the hotfix but life got in the way.

Link to the google doc can be found here.

We focused on a few key areas:

  1. We would love if Bungie focused more on weapon elements and archetypes, both within seasons and the game as a whole.
  2. In the past, Destiny 2 has suffered from elemental and weapon archetype imbalance, which has recently been exacerbated with sunsetting. Just a few examples include:
    • 6/8 scouts in rotation are kinetic (4 of these are all 150rpm).
    • Omolon adaptive sidearms are exclusively arc, Suros rapid fire sidearms exclusively solar.
    • All 140rpm snipers in rotation are solar (4 of them).
    • There's currently only 1 solar hand cannon and 1 void hand cannon out of 12 currently in rotation.
  3. Our objective is to be consistent with how Bungie has changed the Global Drop Table in the past, typically re-issuing weapons that have not yet had random rolls.
  4. One potential idea for the Global Drop Table is to give players, particularly new players, a taste of a wide range of weapon types / archetypes with a decent variety of perks.
  5. There is a potential lack of special weapons in this suggestion. This would have to be supplemented with weapons from other activities like Seasonal Hunts / Europa as an example. Or some can be added (Shotgun, Special G-Launcher).
  6. Upcoming seasons will be interesting because there are not many weapons left to Re-Issue / give random rolls, unless they Re-Re-Issue weapons, which is a possible outcome.
  7. We envisage that seasonal weapons would drop from a unique source and not be added to the global loot pool, e.g.
    • One bunker is left with emergency power on Earth which allows for seventh seraph weapon bounties.
    • Season of Arrivals weapons (i.e. Darkness weapons) drop from gambit.
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Don't forget to check our previous post detailing a fan made season focused on core activities: Season of the Phoenix.

TL;DR: We updated the world pool to include a wide variety of elements and archetypes to mitigate gaps created by sunsetting.


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