Semi-Massive Breakdown of Non-Sunsetting Weapons

Content of the article: "Semi-Massive Breakdown of Non-Sunsetting Weapons"

Mercules deserves all the credit for this, as I just took his Massive Breakdown work that we all use so much and spent way-too-long combing through the document to remove all the weapons (like 95%) that are being sunset. I just wanted a more useful, comprehensive list of what will be sticking around for comparison for my own uses and when I finished, I figured it was something other people might find useful as well.

Semi-massive Breakdown of Non-Sunsetting Weapons

Takeaways (that are mostly not new but really driven home):

-Holy shit, there used to be so many weapons and there are going to be so few left

-A lot of archetypes are going to have no representatives (for example, there are 5 non-sunset scouts left: 3 high-impact, 2 lightweight, 0 precision, 0 rapid-fire)

-It is extremely unbalanced between weapon types, and the ones with the most extant copies are primarily the popular/strong/meta weapon types (ie, 11 HCs, 11 shotguns, 10 fusions, 9 ARs, 9 snipers, 9 sidearms…. but only 6 pulses, 6 SMGs, 5 scouts, 5 bows, 2 LFRs, 1 MG)

-I don't see any way around Beyond Light starting off with a massive reissuance of identical copies of guns we already had.

-I'm curious to see if this is used as an inflection point to lower the number of weapons in-game (or end-game viable) or possibly even weed out some archetypes. It's tough because no matter which they cut, it would piss a lot of people off, but I'm not sure that having fewer wouldn't be better for the D2 at large. I'm not sure Bungie is brave enough to do that, but it seems like a viable path forward.

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EDIT: One additional takeaway:
There are 62 archetype/slot combinations (ie, there would need to be 62 guns if there were one of each permutation of archetype that can go in each slot–so just 1 of each archetype of fusion or rocket launcher, but 2 of each HC archetype, one kinetic and one energy).

As it stands, there are 30 archetype/slot combinations represented in non-sunset weapons for next season. For there to be just one gun of each archetype (with no regard for elemental representation) for each slot, they would need 32 more of unique archetypes (or, in the case of the same archetype, split between kinetic/energy),


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