Shaders should not be in our inventory – at all. Hear me out.

Content of the article: "Shaders should not be in our inventory – at all. Hear me out."

With the sheer amount of garbage-tier "rewards" that are thrown at us as of late, inventory management is a constant struggle for many of us. Umbral engrams (say that five times fast) are very lucrative sources of (mostly garbage-tier, but a few gems are in there) loot – and after a certain upgrade to the Prismatic Recaster is unlocked, even more shaders, many of which no-one wants or likes.

Currently, shaders have a few screens that we can access them on. We have the collection, the individual item cosmetic sub-screen, and the inventory screen dedicated to them. I propose we remove the inventory screen dedicated to shaders, and instead make it so that when we receive a NEW shader, it goes straight to the collection, and the item cosmetic screen to instead pull from the collection screen. Sure, it will be a VERY LONG list to choose from, but we could also have certain shaders in collections marked as favorites, so that only the favorites are shown in the cosmetic sub-screen. This would alleviate a large portion of the inventory management problem we are currently dealing with on a daily basis, and wouldn't make us lose access to any shaders. This would also potentially open up that current shader-specific screen to be dedicated to currencies instead. Having a whole page dedicated strictly to currencies, which we have a plethora of, would make it easier to find the other consumables without filtering the currently very cluttered consumables page.

Shaders in current inventory when this change comes into play will auto-dismantle, refunding the player their appropriate mat/currency.

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This change would also remove the necessity for Rahool to have a very wasteful sub-screen dedicated to the mass-deletion of shaders. This change has the potential to streamline the game in more than one way. Quality of Life and code-wise, it could quicken the access and use of our currently very slow menu system.


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