Shard, Keep, Favorite? Using D2ArmorPicker and DIM to Create Default Loadouts and Organize your Vault

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Introduction and Motivation

A loadout is really 4 armor pieces (excluding class items) all with a random distribution of stats. If you want to play into a exotic's strength, you also need stats that synergize with the exotic. So a high strength build will not work with Verity's Brow. Simply put, this is too much randomness to tackle manually. I often see posts about which third party tool is the "best." So I came up with a workflow that takes advantage of multiple tools (D2 Armor Picker + DIM).

Step 1: Create Default Stat-Based Loadouts

  1. Delete all loadouts in DIM
  2. Using D2Armor Picker, create loadouts for each exotic armor, prioritizing stats not elemental affinities and limit to 4 available modslots or less. Assume all items are masterworked, even if they are not. Create the loadout in D2ArmorPicker and then copy over to DIM to create the loadout
  3. In DIM, remove all tags
  4. In DIM, using the is:inloadout filter, set items as favorites and lock them.


  • Why all exotics? Remember when Aeon Gauntlets was hot trash? Exotics can be buffed at any point. Remember how you sat on the 68 stat roll Aeon for years, don't you want to be prepared to take advantage of the next exotic that gets buffed? Pepperidge farm remembers.
  • Why stats and not affinities? We don't know what the affinities will be for future mods and most popular mods are affinity agnostic. Taking charge, high-energy fire, font of might, elemental charge global reach are do not require an elemental affinity. So a loadout with random affinities, will still enable you to take advantage of these popular mods. The goal here is to have a strong default loadout that takes advantages of the build / exotic. So high discipline for things like Verity Brow
  • Why limit to 4 modslots? Meta defining artifact mods like Breach and Clear (9 energy) and Particle Deconstruction (7 energy) are expensive. It is especially easy to use all a class item's energy on artifact mods, such as Particle Deconstruction (7) + Focusing Lens (3). By limiting to 4 modslots, you have the flexibility upfront when build planning to use these expensive mods. If you choice to use cheaper mods, then you also have the flexibility to add a stat mod
  • Why assume masterwork? We're trying to build solid default loadouts and help identify which armor pieces to prioritize and masterwork. You'll find that you'll use the same legendary armor for different exotic armor-based builds. You'll be able to identify armor that gives the biggest bang for your buck when masterworking

Step 2: Legendary Filtering

  1. Identify legendary armor that are not in loadouts and without any potential raid or iron banner perks. You can use this DIM filter: -is:inloadout -is:exotic is:armor -source:raid -forerunner
  2. Review the filtered armor for low stats or for rolls that are not interesting. Mark as junk
  3. Using the DIM organizer, remove the loadout criteria such that the filter is now -is:exotic is:armor -source:raid -forerunner. Change the columns to view element, base stats, custom total (if you are really into build crafting), and loadouts.
  4. You know have a manageable list of armor to curate and decide what to keep or junk. Since we favorited armor based on the D2ArmorPicker loadouts, we know which armor have a potential use in a build. These favorited armor are your baseline.
  5. Think about elemental affinities for build diversity or optimization. While we can't predict future affinities, we can optimize for today and previous trends. Solar mods typically synergize grenades (explosive wellmaker, firepower, heal thyself, etc.) while Arc mods synergize with melee / finishers (heavy handed, reactive pulse, overcharge wellmaker). Change the elemental affinities when appropriate.
  6. Remove the -source:raid -forerunner criteria and repeat. (or just never use them in Step 2.1). To maximize utility and value space, you want armor that can provide the most benefit. Raid mods, especially in VoG, offer powerful bonus and who doesn't love extra prisms in Iron Banner? If you have two armor pieces that have similar stat wise, why wouldn't you want to keep the armor with a little extra something something. Once again, we're trying to work through our vault in bite size, manageable chunks.

Step 3: Analysis and Power Creep

Once everything is tagged, I recommend reviewing with this filter: -is:inloadout -tag:keep is:masterwork is:armor. This filter will identify armor that your previously relied upon, because it was masterworked, but may no longer offer the most benefit to you. These armor pieces may have been some of the first that you masterworked or helped you through your early raids and grandmasters. I had 23 pieces of armors in this filter. Over time, I've collected armor that fill a similar need but simply do it better. By starting clean with these new loadouts, it is easier to identify armor to retire and shard.

I came up with this workflow to make it easier to select affinities and identify armor that are similar stat wise but can benefit from having different affinities

Discussion with Example

So how about an example? Using this workflow, I created a loadout for Geomags using D2Armor Picker. Because Geomags can be used in PVE / PVP, I want a flexible default loadout so I limited to just 3 stat modslots (instead of the 4 I recommended above). I wanted high recovery, at least 60 intellect, 60 discipline, and 50 resilience. The high resilience is there to help protect against empowered snipers and an easy mod stat change to 60 to protect against thorn in PVP and to protect against red bar snipers in grandmaster PVE.

The loadout leverages a Reverie Dawn Hood with 56 total stats with 15 resilience, 12 recovery, and 23 intellect. At a glance this is an "interesting" roll but would be normally very difficult to figure out where this can fit into a build. Warlocks typically don't need super high resilience but the 23 intellect was nice. So With high intellect and okay recovery, the Reverie Dawn Hood filled in a hole for a new geomag build.

Also since I built this assuming 3 modslots, I have the flexibility to add more stats easily. Additionally, it has two iron banner pieces (armors + class), so I have PVP secondary benefit too. Two arc affinities for this default also enable power friends + radiant light off the bat with boots as one of the arc (legs don't really have PVP mods with targeting / flinch elsewhere)

This build also includes iron forerunner gloves (new this season), a geomag stabilizer that dropped from GMs last season, and a world drop chest piece. The build is cumulation of armor and play styles garnered over time. My geomag build from a few seasons ago was very different and simply wasn't as good. Plus it is also just fun to find a diamond in the rough loadout like this


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