Should every class have a dedicated movement ability?

Content of the article: "Should every class have a dedicated movement ability?"

Howdy all, so I was doing some thinking, mostly about Attunement of Sky and how I basically never see a Warlock running anything else.

I can't really blame them, Heat Rises, Celestial Fire, and Icarus Dash are all incredible for general PVP gameplay. Celestial Fire is a high damage ranged melee with tracking, Heat Rises allows infinite air time for unique plays, and Icarus Dash is one of the strongest abilities in the game and adds so much to the skill ceiling of the class, being useful for low tier players but letting pro players push the limits.

Hunters have something similar in their dodge, a sudden movement change on the ground that gives them a neutral effect and breaking tracking at the cost of being ground-born, out of the fight for a second, and being on a (in general) longer cooldown.

I also saw a post suggesting Blink be added to the Voidwalker subclasses, similar to Icarus Dash, and that prompted the question;

Should every class have some kind of dedicated movement ability?

The reason Attunement of Sky is so popular is, I believe, because of the strength of Icarus Dash and the incredible movement speed it gives. On console, players hate Hunters for how quickly they go with their dodge. In Destiny 1, Twilight Garrison was hugely popular because of it's movement capability and people have been asking for it back since Destiny 2 launched.

Personally I think that yes, every class should, at least in part, have a dedicated movement ability. The game has gotten significantly faster, with quick TTK's and a dominance of special weapons, along with things like the aforementioned Warlocks running around at mach speed. While I do believe class abilities should remain, as things like Barricade and Rift are incredibly strong, I feel like all three classes should have a movement ability that is NOT tied to an exotic, and instead inherently part of a subclass or two or three.

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Titans already have a pseduo-ability with shoulder charge, but they can't be used from Neutral so they're less valuable. I suggest that something like Code of The Missile or Devastator get a movement ability of some sort, though I'm not sure how to balance them properly around that. I also think that Warlocks should get a "Blink-arus Dash" on their Slowva Bomb since it doesn't have much going for it compared to Devourlock. Also please give Warlocks more interesting Melee's thanks.

Thoughts on this?


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