Silver vs Bright Dust: A Value Analysis

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Good morning class, and welcome to Economics 101… Yeah, sorry about that title. It's informative, at least!

Perhaps some of you, like me, have been wondering what the most economical way to spend your precious, increasingly hard-to-obtain Bright Dust is. Perhaps some of you have a bit of Silver, and would like to know how best to invest. Or perhaps it's just me. But on the off-chance that it's not, I thought I'd share the following quick analysis I've done.

In the table below you see (some) of the items available in the Eververse store, their cost in Silver and Bright Dust, the percentage of the Bright Dust cost which the Silver cost represents, and therefore the best value-for-money Silver and Bright Dust purchases.

Item Silver Cost BD Cost Silver as a % of BD Price VfM (Silver Buy) VfM (BD Buy)
Exotic emote 1000 3250 31% 3 7
Legendary emote 500 700 71% 9 1
Rare emote 200 400 50% 7 3
Exotic ship 800 2000 40% 5= 4=
Exotic Sparrow 800 2500 32% 4 6
Exotic Ghost 600 2850 21% 1 9
Armour set 1500 6000 25% 2 8
Armour ornament 600 1500 40% 5= 4=
Exotic weapon ornament 700 1200 56% 8 2

So, what can we say in view of this?

  • Somewhat to my surprise, exotic Ghosts are the best-value Silver purchase in Eververse relative to their cost in Bright Dust. Of course, veteran players may already have a lot of Ghosts which they like.
  • Although the set cost is high, seasonal armour ornaments are also a very good-value Silver purchase relative to their Bright Dust cost. Effectively you pay through the nose if you use BD, and want the whole set, because their cost is equivalent to five exotic weapon ornaments (and notably higher than the one legendary weapon ornament still on sale, for Felwinter's Lie, which is 700 Bright Dust this week). This is a particular consideration for those who have both currencies, three players, and want three whole ornamental armour sets – which will cost 18,000 Dust in total). This is now almost the whole amount earnable in a season.
  • You can only buy individual armour pieces with Dust, so if you just want e.g. the Titan helmet, and nothing else, that's your only option.
  • Weapon ornaments are a great-value Bright Dust buy, especially as they can be used on all three characters. Armour ornaments are less so (but neither are hugely expensive).
  • Exotic emotes are good value as a Silver purchase, relative to their cost in Bright Dust – provided you want them. They're expensive in either currency.
  • Legendary emotes are a great-value Bright Dust purchase, and a terrible value Silver purchase. Essentially this is because they're astonishingly cheap in Dust. There's only one sensible way to acquire these on a value-for-money basis.
  • When they're on sale for Bright Dust (which is: rarely), finishers are the worst value Dust buy – I can't recall the exact cost but it's higher than an exotic emote, and at least 4,000 Bright Dust; by far the worst ratio of Silver:Dust in the store. If you want them, buy them with Silver.
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One striking point to make overall is that veterans with lots of Dust can buy expensive items such as ornamental armour sets comfortably for now, but if they don't do basically all the Bright Dust bounties throughout the season, or buy almost anything else from Eververse as well, their stores of Dust will drain faster than they can be replenished. This is something for those players to bear in mind (and clearly shows that, over time, the ability to buy with Dust will be eroded if you're not frugal with it).

On the other hand, newer players are increasingly forced down the 'buy it with Silver' route, particularly if items they want come up early in the weekly rotations or if they want some of the more expensive items / sets.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Class dismissed. Whatever.


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