Since I’ve been keeping my girlfriend company while she and I have been sick this weekend, I decided to entertain her by basically telling her the entire story and lore behind Destiny. And she liked it!

Both my girlfriend and I actually got together because we had a mutual interest in reading and writing our own stories, particularly sci-fi/fantasy books. Often, we’ll stay up late at night talking about our ideas for worldbuilding and different premises for characters and stories, mostly to exchange ideas and give each other critiques.

But this past week, she and I have both been dealing with what we thought was allergies and what she found out was actually a case of bronchitis. And I had most likely caught it, too, while staying over one night. So that left the both of us sick and trying to take care of each other during this weekend.

Anyway, at some point, we started looking at her world map together, tracing the journey the characters in a book she was writing were to go on throughout the story (not Destiny-related). So, as the law of equivalent exchange dictates, I decided to tell her about my ideas for a Destiny fanfiction that would basically retell the story of Destiny but with three unique Guardian characters instead of just one like in the games.

So, naturally, I had to explain to her the premise of the Destiny universe, from the Traveler to the Winnower. And, to my surprise, she loved it! I spent three hours staying up late at night telling her much of the story behind Destiny, which included all that I had written for my OCs as well as basically everything that happened in Destiny 1 up until Destiny 2. I ended up jumping around a bit, going from the Iron Lords to Rasputin to the Exos, etc., but I feel like I covered pretty much everything about the story up until a certain point.

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I don’t know how MyNameIsByf does it or how the writers for Destiny’s lore keep track of everything, but it took me literally explaining several lore books and giving an entire presentation on the Book of Sorrows to get through it all. And she was hanging on every word of it. She doesn’t really play video games outside of party games or Angry Birds, and she admits that she’s missed out on some great stories along the way. I’m just glad that I got to use the 25% of my brain that’s all Destiny lore and story content to good use in making my girlfriend feel a little better about being bedridden for a weekend.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure where to share this story, but I got a good laugh out of realizing how I literally became a meme of a boyfriend explaining an entire sci-fi universe’s story and lore to their girlfriend. Reminded me of my dad back in the day, who apparently couldn’t stop talking about Dune to my mother after they started dating. What a nerd, am I right?

EDIT: This post was either going to be a bust or blow up into something like this. So, now that I have your attention, I will enact my plan for total domination of this subreddit. First of all, no more “Bungie Suggestions.” Instead, I think they need to be “Bungie Requirements.” Also, I think we need to start a GoFundMe to fund my gf’s recovery called “This Is Totally Not a Fundraiser for Buying Dozens of Eggs to Throw at Bungie HQ.” Next, we will… /s

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EDIT2: So, I told my girlfriend that I made this post, and she thought it was super cool. Also, that means she’s found my Reddit account. RUN!!!


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