Solo One Phase Kell Echo Prophecy Boss

Man I've done a lot of challenges in this game but this one was by far the most brutal, but also the most fun. Took about 60 hours of attempts in one week, kinda lost my mind a bit, but it was worth lol.


The build I ended up going with incorporated The Stag, which allowed me to get multiple rifts to be able to sword the boss on more than the first and last plate. The new Dark Drinker clone from this season (Falling guillotine) does the best DPS in the game right now, and this boss has a ton of health, so it was the only thing that made sense. Witherhoard being the special weapon version of Anarchy was also a go-to choice, since it's free passive DPS while I move through the room and kill the hobgoblins. Truthteller as the energy weapon wasn't my first choice, but it allowed me to move through the room at the same time and charge myself with light without wasting extra time.


  • Witherhoard
  • Truthteller with Proximity nades, Underdog, Demolitionist
  • Falling Guillotine with Jagged edge, Swordmaster's guard, Relentless, Whirlwind blade

Armor and Seasonal Mods used:

  • Helmet – The Stag with Concussive Dampener, Double Sword Finder
  • Arms – Concussive Dampener, Enhanced GL Loader, Stacks on Stacks
  • Chest – Minor Resist, Overload Grenades, Sword Reserves, Lucent Blade
  • Legs – Boss Resist, double Enhanced Sword Scavenger, Supercharged
  • Bond – Solar Resistance, Oppressive Darkness, Blast Radius
  • Blast Radius (Grenade Launcher double kills charge you with light)
  • Stacks on Stacks (Gain an extra stack of charged with light for every stack you gain)
  • Lucent Blade (35% more sword damage for 5 seconds after dealing damage with a sword)
  • Supercharged (Two extra stacks of charged with light)

These mods and this setup let me have an oppressive nade, a rift, and 100% uptime on Lucent Blade while I sworded on 3 different plates. It took quite a bit of testing and work to figure out what worked and what could be improved, and it turns out Overload grenades do work on bosses too which is why you see it on my chest piece. That mod alone kept me alive on almost every plate, whereas without I'd get 3 tapped by the lord of wolves while dropping my rift.

Anyway, enjoy the video gamers, thanks for reading/watching!


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