Solo Prophecy Flawless Extensive Guide and Tips

I had never attempted any solo flawless content before Prophecy. Once I saw the Daft Punk/Tron looking emblem, I knew I had to get it. So I set my sights on this achievement and finally got the clear yesterday afternoon.

For context, I'm a PC-based, PVE-focused player and do have the benefit of a lot of raid and general D2 experience. While I'm sure I'm toward the higher end of PVE players, I'm far from being an Esoterickk or Slayerage, and I'm confident that anyone with a competent level of skill can get this triumph with the right mindset and practice. I spent approximately 10 hours total working on this Triumph. 1-2 hours of that was research on mods, loadouts, and watching clear videos. The other 8 hours was spent practicing. I started by working on a solo clear to learn the fights and gain confidence, then worked on Flawless. I got the Triumph on around my sixth Flawless attempt.

I know there have been a number of these posts, as well as plenty of YouTube guides, but I wanted to share my own set of tips and tricks in an effort to help anyone out there going for this solo flawless clear. I found all of the guides I read immensely helpful in crafting my own strategy, so I wanted to add my voice to the mix in hopes that it helps out others going for this Triumph. This will be long, but if you're the type of Guardian that likes to over-prepare for these things, you'll find all the tricks that helped me out in this guide.

General Tips:

  • Warlock definitely feels like the safest/easiest class choice for this challenge, and so I'm tailoring the guide toward Warlock specifically. While it's definitely doable on Titan and Hunter, both the Solar and Void Warlock trees have builds heavily tailored toward survivability, which tends to be the biggest issue in these encounters. It's also possible to consistently one-phase the first Phalanx boss on Warlock. I'm a firm believe in playing on the class you're most comfortable on, so if you hate Warlock jump or never play the class, you might have more success on something else.
  • Mods are the most important thing you can do to "prepare" for this encounter. Make sure you have Hive and Taken barrier. Taken Armaments and Invigoration are both great too, but easier to compensate for via other mods and gear. Anarchy is very helpful on the final fight, but not a firm requirement.
  • Treat every run like a Flawless run, but when you die, keep going for extra practice. You'll eventually hit a point where you don't need more practice and deaths will be due to mistakes rather than poor planning, and when that happens, you'll know it and can just head to orbit and try again. Until that point, start the run going for flawless and as soon as you die use it as an opportunity to practice and prevent it from happening again.
  • Min/Maxing your armor/mods and loadout can offer slight advantages which can compensate for lower skill. If you are a competent PVE player, with good foresight and planning you can set yourself up to get through this dungeon with the most advantage possible. Other players may intentionally take harder loadouts, or complete the challenge on more niche classes/subclasses, but if this is your first piece of flawless content like mine, go for what lets you get the clear. There are some Charged With Light mods that can also boost survivability, but I don't have them and was unable to test them for my clear.

Intro Encounter * You can decide whether you want to do this encounter each time, or use a

. In my opinion, this intro section is just there to teach you the light/dark mechanic, and doesn't represent any aspect of why this dungeon is challenging. Once I cleared the intro + the first boss flawlessly together, I personally had no problem skipping it so I could start at the Phalanx boss more quickly. If that feels like it invalidates the achievement to you, feel free to do the opener every time. It doesn't take too long, and is more of an annoyance than anything. If you're struggling with surviving the opening, keep running Prophecy with a team for now because Solo Flawless will be quite the challenge.

Phalanx Boss (First Encounter)


Throughout the whole dungeon you'll want to run Taken and Hive Barrier at all times. Hive Barrier stacks with Taken Barrier for Hive-based taken. Taken Knights are present in all the main fights, so you never want to be without these mods if possible. Adding Taken Invigoration and Armaments is useful for both ammo economy and being able to spam healing rifts

  • Major Resist
  • Major Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Concussive Dampener
  • Flex Mod Spot (a second Minor Resist or Concussive Dampener is probably ideal)
  • Grenade Reloader/Scavenger
  • Grenade/Special Ammo Finder

For this fight, I prioritized two Major resist mods since those are by far the scariest source of damage. A single Minor resist is helpful in case the adds get out of hand at any point. Boss resist is not really needed here since the main threat from the boss is getting knocked off the map. Concussive Dampener will help with the flames. For that flex spot, you can either double stack Minor Resist if those are giving you trouble, or grab a second Concussive Dampener to further reduce the damage from the fire. I haven't done extensive testing on elemental resist mods, but I believe double Concussive Dampener would be more effective than Concussive + Solar Resist. Major/Minor/Boss resist mods do stack with diminishing returns, and a double stack represents about an 18% damage reduction compared to 10% with a single mod.

Class and Weapon Loadout * Subclass: Well of Radiance Warlock * Exotic: Transversive Steps * Primary: Mountain Top (Taken Spec) * Secondary: Riskrunner * Heavy: Falling Guillotine (Taken Spec)

Loadout Notes:
  • This fight is all about mobility, and Transversive Steps will allow you to keep reloading while you run around the map. Phoenix Protocol can be good if you want to well throughout the fight, but I always saved mine for the boss. Sanguine Alchemy is okay, but you rarely stay in a rift to kill adds so I found it a wasted slot.
  • Falling Guillotine is the only necessary piece for this encounter. It allows a consistent one phase and should be prioritized over anything else. Use Taken Spec for extra damage.
  • Riskrunner is incredible for this fight because the minor adds all proc the arc resist/damage enhancement. With the perk active, you can even laser down Knights with Riskrunner, or chip away at them so they can be picked off later.
  • If you don't have Mountaintop, I'd probably run Witherhoard and Recluse/Gnawing Hunger instead

Fight Tips

  • In my opinion, this is the hardest fight of the entire dungeon due to the small arena size and the potential to be knocked out of bounds by the Phalanx. Cover is limited, and often broken by the need to be standing in a certain element.
  • Start the fight by rallying and then activating the encounter. If you did the intro encounter and have super, you can use your well right before rallying for a boost to the beginning of the fight. As soon as the fight starts, duck into cover (I preferred the wall right next to the rally flag) and get ready to burn down the minor adds.
  • The main objective through this phase is to stay alive at all costs. In general that means constant movement. Staying still puts you at risk of Knight fire, Knight's chasing you, and the boss booping you off the map. The safest spots to recover are the two walls toward the side of the map where you discharge your Dark/Light motes. Unless a Knight is chasing you, this spot is great for recovering and regrouping.
  • Try to manage these priorities, in this order: 1) Kill minor adds, 2) weaken Knights, 3) kill two knights, 4) pick up motes and bank. This ensures you're banking with the least amount of adds inside the arena. As soon as you bank you can kill the last Knight and repeat. Sometimes due to bad luck or a misplay you'll get motes from the wrong element, and in that case you'll have to rely on the third Knight for the motes you need. This is fine, you'll just want to be quick to bank afterwards before the next wave spawns.
  • Mountaintop with Taken Spec will two-shot the Knights with a direct hit. Get good at aiming quickly then ducking back into cover and you can make short work of the Knights. Sometimes I'd hit them with one MT shot and chip away with Risk Runner so I could quickly burn down two Knights at once, but just do what feels comfortable to you.
  • Bank in the front/central two spheres first, as they are the most risky and the ones you want to clear out of the way early. While banking, immediately be planning a spot to retreat to for cover.
  • If a Knight starts chasing you, stay moving around the room until it leaves you be. If you're moving quickly, it is very hard to die unless all the minor adds are still up. Pop a healing nade while running if need be.
  • Do not disrespect the bosses boop potential. 90% of the time when I thought, "This is close to boop range, but I'm sure I'll be fine," I wasn't fine. Play it safe, stay away from the boss. Nothing is more triggering in this run then getting booped off the map, especially once you're deep into the fight.
  • Once you have your last mote, stand behind or on top of the back walls until the boss is almost under the dunk spot. Bank the mote, drop down and immediately place your well. Bring out the Falling Guillotine and spam light attacks, using Heavy when it's charged. If you keep the boss in the well for most of the damage phase, you'll clear it in one go. At times, adds will spawn which shield the boss and you'll have time to step away to kill them quickly, then get back to DPS.
  • If you miss the one phase, all hope is not lost. Just do it again and you'll likely only need a little bit of extra damage. During my final flawless clear, I sadly had to two phase the boss, as I got really unlucky with him moving outside of well.
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The Wastelands (Second Encounter)


  • Major Resist
  • Major Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Concussive Dampener
  • Flex Mod Spot (a second Minor Resist or Concussive Dampener is probably ideal)
  • Loadout appropriate scavengers
  • Loadout appropriate ammo finders

No big mod adjustments here aside from moving to Machine Gun/Heavy ammo finder if you decide to use my recommended loadout

Class and Weapon Loadout * Subclass: Well of Radiance Warlock * Exotic: Phoenix Protocol * Primary: Any kinetic bow will do fine * Secondary: Recluse/Gnawing Hunger * Heavy: Xenophage/Anarchy

Loadout Notes:
  • Xenophage will three shot the blights and Anarchy can get them down in one shot. I prefer Xeno because I also use it in the following encounter so there is a bit less mod switching to just start running it in the Wasteland.
  • Any subclass here is fine. I stick with Well because I'm already on it from the last fight. This is overall a very easy part of the dungeon, and if you take it slow you'll clear it no problem
  • Phoenix Protocol pairs nicely with this encounter so you can drop your well more frequently, but it's not required. Use what works best for you.

Fight Tips

  • This is a great cooldown encounter in between two sweat fests. While you can definitely die here, that will only happen if you're playing too aggressive. As long as you take your time and work methodically through the Wastelands, you'll be safe.
  • I'd highly recommend killing the large Minotaurs that roam the Wastelands. You can probably just avoid them, but the last thing you want is to be retreating into one of those things. They take a lot of damage which sadly can wipe through your Xenophage ammo, but as long as you're running some ammo finders and Taken Armaments, you'll be able to have enough ammo to use Xeno on both the Minotaurs and all the blights/major adds.
  • Once you get close to a blight cluster, use your bow to immediate snipe the Vandals. They are probably your biggest threat due to the range on their attack, and if you snipe them down quickly you'll be fairly safe to approach each blight one-by-one to clear it out.
  • Don't be afraid to drop a well, especially if you're running Phoenix Protocol. You don't want to lose a run to a death in this section, so just prioritize staying alive and realize you can always back off or retreat to regroup if anything gets too overwhelming.

The Cube (Third Encounter)


  • Major Resist
  • Major Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Concussive Dampener
  • Loadout appropriate scavengers
  • Loadout appropriate ammo finders

I double up on Minor Resist during this fight, because if the minors get out of control (especially the eyes) it can really pose a threat

Class and Weapon Loadout * Subclass: Devour Warlock * Exotic: Nezarec's Sin or Transversive Steps * Primary: Mountaintop * Secondary: Recluse/Gnawing Hunger * Heavy: Xenophage

Loadout Notes:
  • Exotic armor choice is between Nezarec's Sin or Transversive steps here. Both have their advantages. With Nezarec's Sin you can more comfortably blow a super or a grenade because you'll more quickly get it back since you're using a void energy weapons. Transversive Steps makes reloading Xenophage much less painful. I used Nezarec's Sin for my run, but in hindsight I think Transversive Steps may have proven more useful.
  • Xenophage is an absolute workhorse on this fight. Prep your mods so you can recoup lots of Machine Gun ammo and you can use Xeno for most of the sweatiest parts. It one shots the snipers, it triple taps the Knights, and at close range it will tear through the minor adds. During the final boss fight you can also use a full clip of Xeno ammo to tear down one of the bosses immediately
  • If running Nezarec's Sin, you definitely want a Void energy weapon through this encounter. If not, you can open that slot up for whatever is most comfortable for you. Mountaintop was my main gun for clearing through adds, and I'd switch to Recluse when needed for cleanup, or to get Super/Grenade back faster.
  • I've heard numerous people running a slightly off-meta loadout here using Trinity Ghoul and while I didn't personally try it, I could see it working really well for add clear if you're comfortable with a bow.

Fight Tips

  • At this point, Devour Warlock becomes your new best friend throughout the rest of the dungeon. Here's the strategy in four words: Keep Devour Up, Always. Say that over and over to yourself. Say it out loud in the middle of the fight. Devour restores your health to full with every kill, and you have three ways to proc it: Use your super, consume your grenade, kill an enemy with a charged melee. I tend to rely on consuming my grenade for Devour, so I always start each fight this way. If you consume your grenade at the beginning of a new add wave, you'll have the grenade back by the time its over.
  • Awareness is your biggest advantage on this fight. You have three main threats: 1) Minor adds that can quickly duplicate and replicate to overwhelm the room, 2) Taken Knights, 3) Taken snipers which will spawn above you around the cube. Adds spawn on a timer, and will come in waves. Knights spawn anytime you kill a Sniper. Snipers spawn anytime you kill a Knight. Snipers can't hit you if you're right under them, so if you prefer to keep one Sniper and one Knight alive, you can try to fight from underneath the Sniper left alive to avoid its threat.
  • The biggest tip I can give you for this fight is to get well acquainted with the synergy between the snipers and the Knights. At any time there will always be two really threatening enemies up. If two snipers are up, that means there will be no Knights on the floor. If two Knights are up, that means no snipers to worry about. Every time you kill a sniper, a Knight will spawn, and vice versa.
  • I personally find the Knights much easier to deal with than the snipers because I can keep them in my line of sight. My strategy was typically to burn both snipers as soon as I could, then to manage the Knights on the ground. Anytime I'd kill a Knight, I'd try to kill the sniper that would respawn.
  • Having one sniper up isn't a huge threat, but can still be very damaging while you're trying to bank a mote. Some guides I read recommend a 1:1 strategy where you typically balance between one Knight and a sniper. You can do whatever works for you.
  • A general flow for this fight is whenever a new room starts: 1) Identify Toland's location and what mote you'll need, 2) Kill Snipers, 3) Proc Devour immediately with your grenade, 4) Clear all minor adds before they can duplicate, 5) Kill Knights and dunk your motes.
  • Usually before picking up my last mote I'll assess the room and make sure there are no threats left alive. You want to make sure you have a clear, safe path to dunk the motes.
  • Don't be afraid to super if you need an emergency clear or Devour proc. While having Nova Bomb ready for the boss fight makes it a bit quicker, it's not required, and safety is ALWAYS your priority in a Flawless run. There is time to regain super, but a death means the end of the Triumph for that run so prioritize your life above all else.
  • During the boss fight, try to get one of them down immediately. A Nova and a few Xeno shots will instantly burn one, then you can pick the other off with Xenophage and Mountain Top. Adds do spawn during the boss fight. On the runs where I couldn't burn both down before the adds, I'd always save my grenade to proc devour, clear the adds, then finish the boss. EDIT: A comment from /u/Dante1776 indicates that adds only spawn once one boss is down. You could burn both to low health the finish them off together.
  • Surprisingly, this was the easiest of the three main encounters for me. I found it pretty simple to get into a good flow on this fight. It's all very predictable with little randomness to screw you over. There are a few cube sections with a hole, so be extra careful on those not to fall in and kill yourself. Other than that, just keep Devour up always and get it done!
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Rainbow Road (Transition Encounter)


  • No changes from the last encounter

Class and Weapon Loadout * Subclass: Top Tree Dawnblade * Exotic: Transversive Steps * Primary: Ranged weapon (I used a Chattering Bone Pulse) * Secondary: Ranged weapon (I used an Arsenic Bite Bow) * Heavy: Xenophage

Loadout Notes:
  • *This is another "easy" part of the run where you can catch your breath between the sweaty fights. The loadout isn't super important here, but I found having two ranged options was nice for picking things off at a comfortable distance.
  • Top tree Dawnblade will give you Icarus Dash just in case you get into any bad situations, but no pressure to make any swaps here

Encounter Tips

  • Take. It. Slow. I walked the whole way on all of my runs. It was a nice change of pace and a chance to cool off before Kell. Pick off the snipers and any majors from afar and you'll have no problems.
  • If you take the ribbon the whole way down like I do, there are only a few potentially tricky spots. There is on section about 2/3 through where you need to make a jump from the ribbon to a platform because the ribbon starts to twist. Then toward the end there are some Taken boop spots that could knock you off the map. Just play it safe, keep your awareness up, and have a nice stroll to Kell.
  • After you finish this section, there will be a big wave of adds before you enter the final fight. You can pop your Dawnblade and clear most of them out, then finish things up with your other weapons.

Kell Boss (Final Encounter)


  • Major Resist
  • Major Resist
  • Boss Resist
  • Minor Resist
  • Concussive Dampener
  • Oppressive Darkness (huge for boss DPS)
  • Taken Invigoration (you'll get a rift back after every Knight kill)
  • Fallen Barrier (this does stack with Taken Barrier and mitigates boss damage)
  • Appropriate Scavengers/Ammo Finders

Class and Weapon Loadout * Subclass: Devour Warlock * Exotic: Nezarec's Sin or Transversive Steps * Primary: Mountaintop (Witherhoard if you don't run Anarchy) * Secondary: Recluse/Gnawing Hunger (main room) + Bow (Kell bridge) * Heavy: Anarchy (Wendigo if you don't have Anarchy)

Loadout Notes:
  • Similar advice to the last fight when it comes to deciding between Nezarec's Sin or Transversive Steps. Go with what you prefer.
  • Let me explain the Secondary weapon selection. On PC you have more than enough time to swap weapons between rooms, and I personally found a bow to be invaluable on the Kell Bridge. During that section, your primary DPS is coming from Anarchy and Mountaintop, so your third weapon should be reserved for something to clear adds. My approach to the bridge involved clearing the snipers as soon as they spawn, then immediately jumping forward to where they were. A bow is a quick and clean way to take snipers out. If you play more aggressive or don't feel comfortable on a bow, sticking with Recluse or Gnawing Hunger is great here.
  • If you don't have Anarchy, you should use an alternative loadout that is comfortable for you. Xenophage remains a strong option for this fight, as well as Witherhoard/Wendigo. Wendigo's blinding nades have a lot of potential to save you during the add phase as well, so that would be my recommendation.

Encounter Tips

Main Room

  • Well you've made it to the end! That's no small feat, so if you're at Kell solo then you've definitely got what it takes to clear this dungeon. There is a lot of stuff that goes into this encounter, and that's its main challenge. Practicing the flow of this fight until you can execute it consistently is going to be your main source of advantage in finally getting the clear.
  • I assume if you're doing Solo Flawless, you're already well acquainted with the fight, so I'll spare you a recap of how this fight works. Your hardest moment is likely going to be the very beginning of each new "Main Room" phase. When these phases begin you have Majors, Minors, and three Kell echoes all reigning down their terror upon you. Your PRIMARY goal is to create a safe spot for yourself as soon as possible by dunking motes and then clearing the Ogre.
  • My opening strategy involved immediately proccing Devour and then using Mountaintop or Anarchy to burn down a set of minor adds and a Knight as soon as possible. I'd immediately take cover to the right after starting the fight, and burning down the section of adds that spawns in front of you.
  • After grabbing the first motes, I would run methodically around the room with Mountaintop clearing all the other minor adds and weakening the Knights. Once the minor adds are down, finish the Knight standing in the appropriate element and go dunk those motes.
  • As soon as you dunk motes you should always think OGRE. That's what's coming next. My strategy for Ogres would be to dunk, immediately take cover behind one of the wall pillars, pop a rift, and then drop two Anarchy shots into the Ogre, followed by a single Mountaintop. This will take the Ogre out within a few seconds.
  • After that Ogre is down you have a safe zone. Keep this spot of the room in your mind at all times, because it will be the best spot to retreat to. In theory, if you play it safe, once you have a safe zone established the rest of the room is much more manageable.
  • From here your goal is to clear the minor adds which spawn on a timer, and burn down the majors so you can bank your other two motes and prepare for the DPS phase.
  • Important note: After banking your third mote you can immediately jump to the DPS phase without killing the ogre if you're fast with it. Alternatively, if you're low on ammo you can kill the Ogre and wait endlessly in the main room for more minors to spawn. The knights will stop spawning once all three sections of the room are cleared, but the minors will keep spawning on a timer and give you the chance to farm ammo or ability/super energy. Use this to your advantage! I never needed to rely on this in my runs, but it's okay if you need to take a breather before jumping in for DPS.
  • If you're using a bow or alternative weapon during the DPS phase, you have a few seconds to switch to it while you're going down the teleport tube, or you can switch while you're still in the main room as long as you have killed the third Ogre and no adds are alive
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Kell Bridge * Welcome to the DPS phase! There is very little randomness in this part, so you can really focus on execution. My recommendation is to aim for a three phase. Doing a two phase means you'll really have to be focused on DPS during this section, which opens you up for more death opportunity since you won't be as focused on surviving. A four phase means you spend a whole extra cycle in the main room, which isn't ideal. Three phasing this is very comfortable with my recommended loadout. * You have two main sections where you can focus DPS: the very beginning and the very end of the bridge. Most of your DPS will come from these two times, and anything you can get in between is a bonus. I was happy if I got off 2-3 extra double shots of Anarchy during the movement phase as we worked down the bridge. You'll likely have to do some DPS during that movement phase to comfortable three phase it, but it should not be your main focus. * To start, right away you want to pump two Anarchy shots into the boss, avoid his first teleport, then take cover on the right side. From the right side, use your grenade for oppressive darkness, pump two new Anarchy shots into him, then Nova Bomb. Get one or two Mountaintop shots in if you can. You can use the pillar to hide from his teleport attack. * At this point, adds will spawn on the bridges in front of you. Snipe them with a bow and begin to move up. You can try to keep Anarchy shots on the boss as you move down the bridge, but only do this if it's comfortable. Focus on staying alive, killing adds, and making clean jumps. * I recommend that players "play forward" on the bridge rather than hanging back. This isn't a hard rule, but generally keeps you safer since the Entropy aura will be moving toward you rather than away from you, and you'll be closer to subsequent add spawns. Watch a video on the fight and be sure you don't hang on any of the plates he teleports to, because that can spell trouble. * At random times the teleport will clip you even when you're hiding. If this happens, don't make any movements until it respawns you in the back, then just focus and rush back up to safety to avoid ten stacks of Entropy. A teleport isn't the end of the world, just don't panic. * Ideally you want to be standing at the end of the bridge by the time Kell has teleported to the second-to-last spot. This gives you essentially two DPS windows. Pump Anarchy and a few Mountaintop shots into him, and then when he teleports for the last time, use an Oppresive Darkness grenade if you have one ready, keep Anarchy up on him, and unload with Mountaintop and your bow. If you can get some Anarchy shots on him right before he teleports, they'll do some tick damage on him even after he moves, which is a nice bonus. Make sure you have at least a few rounds of Mountaintop ammo saved for the next Main Room phase. * Once Kell teleports, you can wait for an unlimited amount of time. I always spent two minutes here waiting for my Nova Bomb to come back, grabbing a drink of water, standing and doing a quick stretch. Switch back to your Recluse/Gnawing Hunger if you moved to a bow for the bridge phase, then head back to the Main Room.

Main Room (Subsequent Phases) * After your first DPS phase, the main room you spawn into will be random in terms of the layout and dark/light balance. To play really safe, I highly recommend using your Nova Bomb right away to take out a Knight and a chunk of adds. This will proc Devour so you can save your grenade, and lets you get a head start on building your Nova Bomb back up for the DPS phase via Nezarec's Sin/Void kills. In theory you can save that Nova for an emergency, but I found myself more frequently dying at the beginning of those rooms than during the end. Typically if you can control things in the beginning, the rest becomes much easier so I think an offensive Nova at the start is the way to go. Offense is sometimes the best defense. * As you go through the fight, ammo can become more of a concern so stay aware of your ammo reserves and switch weapons as needed. I tended to use Mountaintop a lot, and would have to intentionally remind myself to switch to Recluse at times to recoup Special/Heavy ammo. * Anarchy can be great for killing Knights and you can even pre-fire it before adds spawn for an easier time. As long as you have a good amount of ammo, feel free to use it in the main room for support.

Final Tips for Kell * My biggest tip is to try and stay calm. Your nerves will likely be going crazy by the second main room phase, and this will cause you to subconsciously make poor decisions and bad plays. I died a few times due to choke Mountaintop shots where I misjudged the distance between myself and a Knight. I died a few times on the bridge to bad jumps because of nerves and questioning my decisions. Take the extra time at the end of each DPS phase to try and clear your mind. Go over in your head what you're going to do when you start the next room. Fallout Plays has a clear video on YouTube, and in his final attempt you can see he's pretty worn down from how long it has taken, but even still he's very calm and reminding himself out loud what to do. That sort of mentality is what it will take to push through, especially if you aren't the most skilled PVE player. * It gets easier every time, but can also get more challenging if you're doing multiple runs in a day. Discouragement can really set in, and it can be pretty heartbreaking to spend 45-60 minute getting to Kell, only to die from a stupid mistake. In the beginning, ALWAYS force yourself to finish Kell, even if you die. You will need the practice. It wasn't until I had about four solo clears of Kell under my belt that I would instantly orbit after dying to reset the Flawless run and try again. Until you know that fight like the back of your hand, practice it over and over. * Know when to call it. I'm probably not the best example of this because I ended up getting my clear on a run when I was really discouraged and should have probably called it, but thankfully I was able to get my focus back by the final fight. If you're feeling really burned out or discouraged, come back to it with fresh focus another day.

Closing Thoughts

I think that sums it up! I'm sure there are a lot of random tidbits I missed, and I can imagine other players will have completely different strategies and approaches. If you have any questions or disagreements with my strategies, feel free to let me know in the comments. Your strategy should feel comfortable to you, and don't be afraid to experiment with alternative ideas if you think something could work better. Good luck on your attempts Guardian; I believe in you.

Here is a quick list of resources I found useful:
  • Tips on Prophecy Solo Flawless Reddit Post
  • Prophecy Solo Flawless Guide/Tips for Warlocks Reddit Post


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