Solo prophecy loadout and encounter questions for hunter.

After I did solo flawless pit a couple weeks ago, now I'm trying to get solo flawless Prophecy. I don't have Taken/Hive barrier so I know it will be a little bit harder without them. I've gotten hive repurposing from menagerie but not barrier yet. Anyway the encounters seem like add management and timing. Being a hunter seems to mean I will have to have Anarchy equipped for first and last boss because swording just isnt an option for solo flawless. Because of the heavy emphasis on add management for every single encounter I REALLY wanted to find a way to make Trinity Ghoul work because that thing is an absolute monster. It made chamber of suffering in pit a cake walk, but with boss health being so huge in prophecy and hunters not having well or bubble, its so much harder to use swords, to the point that you just shouldn't even try, anarchy is the only option.

Light level is 1083 right now, but I dont know how much that helps after a certain point. I was trying to use wormhusk, top tree nightstalker, and charged with light mods with the protective light mod as the only spender for survivability. Once I get hive barrier I'll swap out supercharged for that.

For encounters I was using breachlight, trophy hunter and anarchy for first boss and probably final boss but I didnt get that far, and for cube room I used long shadow, riskrunner, 21% delirium. I feel like cube room is the only place I could use trinity ghoul, but I saw so many people use riskrunner that I just used that.

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I don't have mountaintop. Any loadouts that people found more effective than others for certain encounters? Can an ALH/demo martyrs retribution work anywhere? FF/Swash Truthteller better than a trophy hunter on first/last boss? An auto rifle like steelfeather repeater instead of breachlight?

Or is just memorizing the best flow for add management the key and weapon choice doesnt matter too much outside anarchy for first/last bosses. Whats the best method of add control to stay alive in each encounter?

Solo flawless Pit was really easy, prophecy seems significantly harder.


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