Some Exotic catalyst rework ideas

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As a lot of Destiny players know, this game has some really good catalysts like Trinity Ghoul and Whisper of the Worm. But at the same time, there’s a LOT of underwhelming catalysts as well. Just thought I’d share some ideas of what I think could really spice up Destiny 2’s gameplay by reworking some of the below average exotic catalysts in this game.

I’d love to hear any feedback that you guys have who read this.

D.A.R.C.I. – +20 reload speed. Grants Rapid Hit. Reasoning – Darci’s primary purpose is a pve dps weapon. So intrinsically buffing the reload speed and granting rapid hit will allow it to increase both it’s dps and it’s ease of use

Borealis – Eases the effectiveness to switch between elements (Gives Cerberus catalyst animation. Very snappy element switch) Reasoning – Switching between elements with this weapon is very slow and tedious, even with the catalyst. Allowing the weapon to be more easily switched on the fly will greatly improve user experience.

Mida-Multi-Tool – Kills greatly increase the effectiveness of the radar for a short time (more detailed radar and doubled detection distance for 10 seconds) Reasoning – This catalyst is made primarily to improve on the perk “Mida Radar” and build upon the increased awareness it’s supposed to give you.

Ace of Spades – Precision kills now automatically reload the weapon and grant Memento Mori Reasoning – The current catalyst for this weapon is very underwhelming. I believed the weapon needed a rework that’s more noticeable but also not too powerful given how easy it is to make this weapon meta.

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Cerberus +1 – Buff rate of fire and effective range of the alternate fire mode Reasoning – As it stands the Cerberus catalyst is a worse version of an already pretty below average weapon. Buffing Cerberus as a weapon is a totally different story however the catalyst can at least feel more manageable until the weapon is buffed.

The Jade Rabbit – Fate of all Fools now also proc on heashots Reasoning – The Jade Rabbits perk does not allow it 3 shot with body shots at all. With this catalyst it would give this weapon more consistency with kills as well as add more potential to put down supers from a distance.

Hard Light – Switching elements after a kill temporarily increases damage Reasoning – Hard Light’s catalyst is not noticeable at all. I’d believe giving it a modified version of kill clip wouldn’t make it much different from several legendaries in the game.

Sweet Business – Grants increased movement speed while hip firing and allows accurate hipfiring while in air Reasoning – The current catalyst sucks and this one will make the weapon as a whole a lot more interesting.

Coldheart – Increases the precision damage bonus to majors, ultras and guardians in their super Reasoning – The primary purpose of this weapon is priority target damage, and it’s not very good at it. Giving the weapon increased precision damage against powerful enemies will allow it to shine more among the other current dps champions in the game.

Prometheus Lens – Enemies killed by this weapon explode with violent solar energy Reasoning – Contrary to its Arc damage brother, this weapons purpose is trash mob clearing and for a special weapon, it’s also not very good at it. Any benefit it can receive to it’s add clearing capability will be welcomed. Plus, explosions are cool.

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Sturm – Multikills of 2 or more with any energy weapon other than Drang proc Storm and Stress Reasoning – As it stands, to use this weapon effectively you MUST use drang and if you’re not using it then it’s a waste of an exotic slot. This catalyst will dramatically increase this weapon’s build potential and flexibility.

Merciless – Landing a shot with the last shot in the mag will load one round in the magazine through the reserves Reasoning – Ever since the Lunafaction and barrier nerf, this weapon has suffered tremendously. Giving it a perk that will allow it to sustain it’s dps for extended periods of time may finally put it back into the conversation for dps options.


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