Spoiler Alert! My theories on who dies and more

So the flavor text for Spoiler Alert says someone is going to die, and we all know that. Spoiler Alert last came out before Forsaken, which then went on with the eventual death of Cayde-6. Who killed Cayde-6? Prince Uldren, under the effect of wishdragon magic and blind following of his sister, Queen Mara Sov.

Ok so Spoiler Alert is back and we know that's not a coincidence. Spider as of now is likely most people's best guess due to Mara Sov telling Petra Venj to rid the Tangled Shore of him. We also now know the Tangled Shore destination is going away, and in addition to that Master Rahool will take over currency trading, so Spider is "going away"… one way or another.

Still with me? OK. So I don't think it's Spider. Look at the big picture. Let's start with this week's nightfall strike, a Forsaken strike. Then we have the Scorn growing in power and forming some of their own culture of sorts. They now have champions. They have been given access to refined ascendant energy if I remember it correctly from dialogue in the Shattered Realm. Someone is behind that and there's a reason for it, but I won't speculate on that. For now we'll get to who I think is going to die.

Petra Venj, and to top it off I think Crow/Uldren is going to kill her.

Petra Venj is going to the Tangled Shore to get rid of Spider. But I don't think things are going to go her way when she gets there. The dialogue in The Hollowed Lair is what first piqued my interest.

Your dear friend Cayde-6, did not act alone. She was there. Petra Venj. Put us all in prison. She is owed her's next.

In addition to that direct threat on Petra's life, Fikrul say as he dies,

Father was our savior… Made Scorned Barons strong… To fight. To defend from who wronged us… Cayde… Petra Venj… Variks… You.

So now we have a list, and you can see where I'm going. It could be down a rabbit hole but now we have Crow learning the truth about his being the former Awoken Prince, and given back all of his memories by Savathûn, the Witch Queen. It doesn't mean Crow will become Uldren, but there will be obvious influence from his past self in there somewhere, and even without all that he will be naturally drawn to Mara Sov knowing she is his sister.

Uldren had conflict with Petra seeing as she put him in jail, and she (likely) pulled the trigger on him. She has also had conflict with Crow, though it seems he at least partially understands why Petra didn't allow him through. After all she was following Queen Mara's orders. Crow now has said he wants another assignment, and I'm not sure what that might be, but what could Ikora want him to do? Maybe she'll send him back to the Tangled Shore. Or maybe he'll go there on his own. He wants to make his own choices after all.

Let's throw a destination and some names all into a steaming pile of salt and we have Crow/Uldren, Petra Venj, Spider and his Fallen/Eliksni associates, Fikrul who claims he will return, and even maybe the Drifter all at the Tangled Shore in a season ending event which I believe will lead to the death of Petra Venj.

Welcome to Wonderland.

So Mara Sov has "indirectly" led to the death of Uldren, and now possibly Petra Venj. This leaves Mara Sov vulnerable. Who knows if her 'tech witches' will be trustworthy after being captured and taken. In The Corrupted strike, which is also a featured nightfall this season, upon freeing Sedia she speaks dialogue saying she knows everything, I betrayed the Queen yadda yadda.

That 'her' is Savathûn, the Witch Queen. Yeah I keep adding that for a reason. We have The Witch Queen DLC coming up, and also Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V but I digress… Savathûn has corrupted many minds in her time and even Mara may have been affected. Who knows what kind of lies she could have told Mara? After all… Savathûn is the so-called Hive god of deceit. She helped us as Osiris to gain some pre-laid semblance of trust. She speaks lies in-between the truths. She only does things if it benefits her or her eventual agenda.

Savathûn's agenda is apparent since the reveal of The Witch Queen, and that is to gain access to the Light. She's already sucked the literal void out of our favorite 9-man fireteam and used it for a ritual. Funny how we're getting a void subclass overhaul next season… Anyhow she has said everything she's done she's done for her family. We all think Xivu Arath doesn't want Savathûn's plan to succeed and wants to stop her at all costs, but come on.

Bungie have been laying this story out for us over the last 7 years and they are getting better with the storytelling. Connecting past events and new events and having some overarching stories intertwined has been an obvious goal, and it has taken a long time to get to this point. I could make an Enterprise theme song joke here but then you all might think I'm a nerd or something and have no life and just sit at home playing Destiny 2 with a pipe in my mouth and Doritos and Mountain Dew at hand.

Anyhow this was all for fun, I love speculating on these things and I hope people have fun picking apart my theories and debunking and such. If you got this far I applaud your attention and thank you for being just as big of a nerd as me. Well maybe not quite as big but I'm still typing and we're all having a tea party in Wonderland.

Edit: I proof-read but


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