Spoilers Predictions for everything happening next week:

I think next week is going to be big. Next week is week 5 of this season. This is the first season we have gone 4 weeks with no big content unlocks other than day 1 of the season. We've had the interference missions, but now we've completely cycled through those and started repeating.

So we're kind of on a "backlog" for content.

MOT is on the calendar to start next week. Last year, it wasn't huge (a seal for doing content released over the past year, essentially), but did launch alongside Tribute Hall, and thus Bad Juju.

From what we can see, MOT will be more of the same. BUT, the more interesting thing is that we have a classified exotic 700 silver item in EV next week. If you look at any other exotic weapon ornament, it's 700 silver. The two exotics known to be coming this season are Ruinous Effigy (a darkness themed void trace rifle that turns enemies into a weapon) and traveler's chosen (an exotic revamp of the first weapon you have, similar to khvostov).

Exotic ornaments tend to come into eververse in tandem with the weapon itself, meaning we likely get one of these next week. Traveler's Chosen ornament is visible on 8/4. This makes sense to be way later in the season since there is a quest to evacuate NPCs from the planets that are disappearing that appears to have an exotic reward.

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The other thing we know about Ruinous Effigy is that it APPEARS to be tied to a quest that starts with Missive. Which involves putting a gift from the darkness into the prismatic recaster. Then interference mission. Then killing some of savathun's marionettes to let the Darkness message through. The next step involves void kills and feeding on the darkness. Usually exotic quests with element kills match the weapon's element. Then the final step is to decode the "branch", with flavor text from Eris saying

"Touch of Malice serves as a blueprint for this weapon. It was crude, vicious, but what I have made for you here is a thing of beauty. It is a catalyst of change, and nothing it graces will ever remain the same." –Transmission from Eris Morn

Which is pretty on key for a darkness weapon that transforms things.

Additionally, we have good reason to believe that the weapon kills savathun's eyes, which is a triumph in MOT.

And the fact that we are finally able to decode this means there was a tipping point in the seasonal conflict. Likely with savathun and the darkness both spreading to one or more new planets. I believe we will also get Contact on Titan (shown in the trailer and there is a triumph for this, but not on mercury or mars). Along with this, we will get new decoding options (exodus, CQC, Assassin seen on which include weapons from the other planets.

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I know this seems like a lot to happen at once, but it is "Bungie Day" and this season seems to be focused on heavy periodic content drops than unlocking a new place to put your bits and chips every week.

Anywho, just some thoughts. Next week will be fun, regardless.

TLDR: MOT (guaranteed), likely ruinous effigy, contact event on titan, possible darkness on mars/mercury?


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