Strikes lost to the darkness: A Garden World

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Hello and welcome back to Strikes Lost to the Darkness! a retrospective look at all the strikes among the planets we’ll be losing come beyond light! Last time we did some cabal maths with Tree of Probabilities. This time, we’ll be looking into A Garden World.

A Garden World is a strike introduced in Curse of Osiris; the first DLC released to Destiny 2 back in 2017. As a result, it’s seen all variants of the Nightfall game mode and features the “Universal Wave Function” Ship as its drop. The Ordeal Variant pits us against Anti-Barrier Goblins and Overload Minotaurs.

As its a strike based off of a story mission, it follows the same major beats. The Vex have built a massive structure somewhere (Over the Rainbow) in the Infinite Forest and you’re tasked with destroying it. in the story, Sagira gets captured at the end by Panoptes and then you go to the final mission to save her.

Onto the actual strike. Since it’s a Mercury Strike, it follows the same beats as Tree. Intro on Mercury -> Infinite Forest -> Main Mercury bits -> The boss. Unlike Tree However, a Garden World actually has a major mechanic in the form of needing to destroy a hidden cube; whether it’s to destroy a minotaur’s massive shield, or to stop the way from being obscured. These shields are a rather large area (spanning maybe 20m Diameter) and will vastly cripple the minotaur once it has been removed.

As you’ve likely guessed at this point, the main enemy faction is the Vex. There is a minor faction of Cabal that’s trying to make its way into the Spire, but you’ll quickly dispatch them before they can make any attempt to do so.

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The Boss room is a massive Vex Cyclops. It’ll rotate around the room on an outer rail as you deal damage to it. It has two major forms of fire; a laser beam, and (what my fireteam dubs it as) a nova bomb. While you’re fighting the boss, the cover around you will despawn and respawn at certain health intervals, while vex from the four portals at the perimeter of the room. Additionally, the boss will become immune until certain giant minotaur shields have been destroyed.

Overall, Garden World’s a rather “okay” Strike. While I like that it has a general theme to it in the Mercury Portion, it also lends itself to be one of the more amusing strikes to speedrun due to the general length and some weird physics involving the grav lifts when they’re being obscured

Well that’s all for now. Wrap yourselves up nice n warm, cuz next week, we become Martians and find ourselves on some Strange Terrain.


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