Strikes Lost to the Darkness: Strange Terrain

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Welcome back to Strikes lost to the darkness! A retrospective look at the strikes on the planets that will be leaving us come Beyond Light! Last time, we had just cleared out the root mind Dendron in the Garden world. This week, we’ll be heading over to Mars in search of Nokris on some rather Strange Terrain.

To give a brief introduction: Strange Terrain is the third story mission during the Warmind Campaign, which came out May 2018 and was the second content drop for Destiny 2. A lot of veteran players will remember Warmind for introducing a lot of Exotic buffs (Graviton Lance and Skyburrner’s to name a few), as well as the infamous Spire of Stars raid lair or the 9 man LFGs for Escalation Protocol. Strange Terrain takes place on Mars in the Olympus Descent which is the ice cave right behind the glacial drift spawn.

The story for Strange Terrain is that Ana Bray is trying to understand more about the Hive and notes that there is a powerful Hive Necromancer on Mars by the name of Nokris. Necromancers are rare for the hive given they’re a species that uses death as a means to power their rituals. But you’re sent in to go kill him because we don’t like the Hive.

The Strike’s major mechanic is the idea of throwing these hive balls into crystals to progress. These balls drop from boss-like Knights and the mechanic itself is used three times (two throughout the strike and the boss room utilises it). There is no major variations that can occur on this strike besides the room right before Nokris which can either have Shriekers or Ogres to deal with. Nokris’ room itself doesn’t have a lot of cover aside from a few pillars, but makes up for it by the room being notably wider than most, allowing the players to divide up aggro by being on either side of the map.

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This Strike during Nightfall runs has the chance to drop the Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher; which is necessary for Wayfarer and the ordeal variant contains Anti-Barrier Knights and Unstoppable Ogres.

Overall, I feel that Strange Terrain was a better Strike than a Story mission, but even still, it’s a rather meh strike, but I’ve had my fair share of fun running through it (notably with the Hive Balls).

But that’s all for now. Tune in next time where we get to deal with the Alaskan Bull Worm; Xol, Will of the Thousands. Until then, see you soon!

(Side note, I forgot to make this yesterday for no other reason than “I forgot”. whoops. Oh well)


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