The Bright Dust changes make me want to engage in the core activities even less.

Content of the article: "The Bright Dust changes make me want to engage in the core activities even less."

For a season that's putting a heavy emphasis on core activities it's a real shame that Bungie not only haven't touched them almost at all except for Gambit (While keeping the bounties literally the same) but also nerfed the weekly Dust bounties too.

What is my incentive to run the 3 years old strikes then? Why should I engage in the stasis-dominant PvP, or waste my time in Gambit that I never really enjoyed? Seasonal activity that has a loot pool I'm very not-interested in? (Guys, look, a LINEAR Fusion rifle! I'm sure everyone's stoked about it…) At least in the past year I had the incentive to do my weeklies if I saw something cool in the BD store, but now I can't even do that because I'm only earning a HALF of what I did before. An exotic ghost shell? Should've been grinding your BD for 2 weeks prior bucko! Exotic emote? 3 weeks!

Not to mention that without third party websites, we don't even know whether there will be something interesting for us in the store; It wasn't an issue before, since if there was, we could just do all weeklies for 3600 Dust total and get the unexpected cool item.

I get that the BD store is just a cherry on top, a way of earning paid cosmetics for free, but there was a good system in place already, then it was changed to be worse, but still okay, and now it's just horrible. Why? Couldn't we just have the increased Season pass Dust AS WELL AS 200 Bright Dust per weekly? I also understand that it's prioritising newer players who only use a single-character, they get more Dust overall now, but why the hell are you gutting more dedicated players?

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Halving the rewards I was earning for over a year now for no good reason rrreeeallly doesn't make me want to run the core activities you've said you'll be putting more emphasis on, Bungie.


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