The community needs a very detailed TWAB regarding Transmog BEFORE Season 12

The TWAB on 5/7/20 announced Transmog (which turns armor into ornaments) with the key highlights being:

  1. "allow players to do this with in-game effort OR silver"
  2. "this feature is in early development and is expected sometime during Year 4.

Point 2 tells me that Transmog may not be around until Season 13, which gives Bungie plenty of time to refine a fair system and inform us of the system. However, with sunsetting a number of armor sets will be disappearing soon which leaves us, the community, in the dark about which armor sets we should be holding onto.

Do I keep a set of armor from each planet that's leaving, or will there be a default set from collections in the fall?

Should I be running old raids and EP to save those armor sets or will a vendor sell them?

(As of right now I'm hoarding armor sets just in case, but my vault would love to know if it's safe to dismantle them.)

Point 1 Is the scary part that the community needs clarification on, especially since silver is involved.

What exactly is "in-game" effort?

  • A quest from drifter requiring numerous steps to get a full set of gambit armor?
  • Kill 50 blockers for one piece and 20 invasion kills for another?
  • Glimmer and shards, planetary materials, or masterworking materials?
  • Bright Dust? ( the least desirable option)

The community needs to know how expensive or time consuming this process is so we can prioritize saving armor sets and we need it sooner rather than later. (Ex: I would rather have SoTP armor over Crown & I prioritize certain classes over others.)

My main concern with this system is that the process through "in-game efforts" will not be worthwhile effectively pushing players to spend silver on their favorite armor sets and trashing the rest.

Tl;DR The community needs details on how Transmog will work to prepare for sunsetting this fall and/or start saving up materials now.


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