The cost of masterworking armour is insane.

Content of the article: "The cost of masterworking armour is insane."

Master Working a full set of armour is what we all want, a nice +10 to all stats, but it comes with a price; a big price.

To masterwork just 1 piece of legendary armour it would cost you:

16000 Glimmer
25 Legendary Shards
4 Enhancement Cores
3 Enhancement Prisms
1 Ascendant Shard

To masterwork just 1 piece of exotic armour it would cost you:

24000 Glimmer
29 Legendary Shards
5 Enhancement Cores
5 Enhancement Prisms
3 Ascendant Shards

(exotic masterwork data from a spreadsheet and could be wrong but I'm sure its pretty accurate, if it's wrong feel free to let me know the exact cost)
So let's add it all up and see how much it would cost for a full set (including 1 exotic piece.)

88000 Glimmer
129 Legendary Shards
21 Enhancement Cores
17 Enhancement Prisms
7 Ascendant Shards

So looking at it like that it doesn't look too bad, right?
Well let's see how much it is to buy it all from scratch (banshee)

To fully masterwork an armour set (including 1 exotic) with materials from Banshee it would cost you:

1,200,000 Glimmer
850 Enhancement Cores
2825 of Planetary materials

So how can we cut the cost down of these?
Well there isn't alot of ways to earn the main resource of masterworking a piece of armour, and that's the ascendant shards, you can earn them from the ordeal nightfalls, going flawless, season pass and buying them banshee. But to buy just ONE ascendant shard from banshee would cost you:

100 Enhancement Cores
350 of Planetary Materials
150000 Glimmer

Absolutely insane, and for the exotic armour masterwork its 3x that; who wants to grind all of that? Not many people that's for sure, so what are some things Bungie could add so this could be alot easier and cheaper for us.

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Add new ways to earn ascendant shards/enhancement prisms, resetting valor rank, earning ranks in competitive, raids, random drops from playing and bounties; I'm sure there is a couple other ways we could think of to earn these materials from but those were just the ones I could of think of at the moment.

And also, with sunsetting I know alot of people's 1060 cap gear is going to be useless and all they are going to have to do is just grind it all over again, like why? Sunsetting armour is a really stupid idea, and I'm sure alot of other people agree with that also.

TLDR: The cost to masterwork armour is insanely high and should be reduced/made easier to earn the materials to masterwork our armour and armour shouldn't be sunset!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and would love to read any other suggestions to make this easier etc!


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