the Lack of Fusion rifle options in the kinetic/stasis slot, doesn’t make sense,

Since forsaken, every legendary special weapon except Fusions have had options in Both energy and kinetic slots,

this is/has been very restrictive when it comes to just wishing to voop,

and after thinking about this for a while, i cant see an actual reason for this arbatry and restrictive decision.

an issue of balance,

if a weapon type is powerful enough, that to balance it forcing it into only one of the available Primary/Special Slot

then the weapon type would to overwhelmingly powerful, and thus probably in need of tuning. more so then the naughty corner

An issue of Justification. (this is really long, my mind went on a tangent, skip to the ///////, if you wanna move on)

bungie has a rather strong record of justifying how/why things work in the Destiny universe, as such maybe there is an issue of justifying the existence within the world/setting.

except that there is plenty of ways to justify how a kinetic/stasis fusion rifle can work, even in the existing universe.

firstly, there is kinetic Omolon weapons, that use the same tech, with slight modifications, AKA Hung Jury,

and with the growing manipulation of the darkness within the peoples allied with the city, such as all the stasis weapons we have received, using that technology to either make weapons using the principle of the False promises and Cold Denial weapons from season of Arrivals. or just stasis weapons, since the fallen and awoken have made them for us (see Salvations grip, CRYOSTHESIA 77K, and the new HandCannon and Shotgun).

making a fusion rifle, isn't out of the question.

for justifications that can be inserted into the D2 univers to explain it, a simple way is Hakkë, they have fusion rifle Technology, as seen in Destiny 1, and with things like Hung Jury, floating around, with a completely untapped market for Kinetic Fusions.

it would make sense for them to Branch out and drop some RND into this, because of the potential profits from said RND investment.

next you could have Fusion Like weapons, as i'm going to assume, Omolons, Auto rifles, and Hakkë's Auto rifle dont work of the same mechanics and are grouped because they behave in a manner close enough that the user wont care.

as such, having a weapon that charges up and launches actual kinetic projectiles, and calling it a fusion rifle isn't out of character nor would it be a hard to to explain, considering my example of the differences between AR's


The issue of Bastion, (people bring this up a lot, hence it is here)

2 things,

bastion is about 1 and a half years younger then forsaken meaning this issue existed long before before it,

secondly, bastion unlike No land Beyond and Universal remote from destiny 1, isn't exotic because its kinetic, its exotic because to the weird Hybrid of a Pulse rifle and shotgun cosplaying as a fusion,

An issue of this season having Particle deconstruction

an issue brought up on this Post, was bungie won't introduce a kinetic/stasis fusion rifle since Particle deconstruction would be more powerful with a triple fusion loadout, and with Vex Mytho being primary, it would be a full loadout.

now this is valid, but bungie has allowed similar things in the past AKA last season and Breach and clear, with fighting lion, did the exact same thing,

however this has been an issue since forsaken, long before seasonal artifacts and mods that let you debuff stuff

thanks for reading this Garbled Dyslexic mess, if you wanna discuss some point i made comment them,


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