The Leviathan should become an explorable location with one of the fall expansions after Lightfall

Content of the article: "The Leviathan should become an explorable location with one of the fall expansions after Lightfall"

I don’t think that Lightfall is the end of Destiny 2. I feel like a lot of people just started speculating that because it was the last of the three expansions they showed. And because it has the world fall in it lol.

Shadowkeep was the gap year. Now we’re getting into the true next chapter of Destiny 2. I think Bungie will easily take out another three to four fall expansions after Lightfall. And I really hope that one of them is centered around Calus and the Leviathan.

Let’s rewind to Taken King and the Dreadnought. The Dreadnought is still EASILY a top three destinations in Destiny history. I believe because of two big reasons: the atmosphere and being forced to walk through the whole thing. I really really like the idea that we couldn’t just summon a sparrow. You were forced to explore and get lost (in a good way) as you found all the secrets hidden around. It really felt like such a huge location. And the atmosphere of it. You were in this scary ass WARSHIP walking through the halls of the father of someone you killed.

I want a similar thing to be pulled off with the Leviathan. The Leviathan is meant to be three times the size of a planet. Now I’m not saying that Bungie has to make this gigantic location, but I’m saying there’s so much of the Leviathan we still haven’t seen. We’ve literally only scratched the top of the surface (and a bit of the underbelly). You shouldn’t be allowed to summon your sparrow since that would only add to the large scope and feel of it. And I think the atmosphere would also be great. Calus’ whole viewpoint is that we have to embrace that we’re going to die and just party and have fun. So we would literally be exploring and fighting our way through this party ship. In a way that’s kinda twisted the idea of having to kill your way through what’s meant to be an area of bliss. Think about all the possible locations we could see. The dinner halls, the bed chambers, perhaps the room dedicated to the war beasts, the armory, maybe there’s a larger bath house. There’s so much we could see and get lost in.

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