The New Planetary Bounties are how Bounties should work – Great Job Bungie!

Content of the article: "The New Planetary Bounties are how Bounties should work – Great Job Bungie!"

Now let's go a step further:

Many are tired of the constant bounty grind for XP and artifact leveling. Doubling down on the reward structure for these new bounties, here are some changes I propose:

  • Convert all 'Weekly' bounties to reward gear (weapons or armor – maybe one of each, or you choose when turning in)
  • Convert all daily bounties to reward materials (Tokens, planetary materials, enhancement cores, etc.)
  • Convert repeatable bounties to reward less of the 'daily bounty' rewards (less tokens, less mats, or just glimmer – any other suggestions?)
  • Remove XP from ALL Bounties, or at least drastically decrease it
  • Drastically increase XP from COMPLETION of ALL activities, including raids and dungeons
  • Broaden bounty objectives – instead of 'kill 50 hive in 'X' location', just have it be 'kill 100 enemies'
  • For focused bounties, have them fit into the weekly reset activities (i.e. flashpoint planet, nightfall ordeal, weekly singe, etc..)
  • Let bounty progress be shared amongst players when in a fireteam (i.e. strikes, raids, etc.)

This would make bounties more enjoyable to complete, but most importantly, would give player agency to rewards and not force people to ALWAYS pick up bounties because it is the most efficient way to rank up the artifact. This would change it to where players WANT to pick up bounties for their gear / material rewards, not feel like they HAVE to.

Also, along with broadening objectives, redistributing the XP to 'activity completion' would just make the game so much healthier. I cannot count the number of times that I have seen people start up a specific strike in order to just run into a lost sector with a specific enemy type to complete a bounty, then leave. This is not healthy for the game, so making XP rewarded upon completion would be the best way to solve this. Obviously the amount will have to be re-balanced to compensate for bounties. For Example: It would be great if playing through an entire raid would give the equivalent XP of something like 10 weekly bounties or maybe 1 strike = 4 daily bounties' worth of XP.

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Having the broad objectives, or at least objectives that fit within the weekly reset's activities, and shared progress lets people just play the game more relaxed, without fighting over every single kill. It also allows play through of activities with whatever load out you desire, and not have to switch weapons / subclass 5 times in a single strike.

Bounties are great and these new weekly ones are the perfect example of how great they can be. Bounties should be something players want to do, not be forced to pick up. They should reward players without forcing certain play styles, load outs EVERY time you pick them up. Bounties should be completed (mostly) passively just by playing the game, not running through Lost Sectors over and over again.

Great job on the bounties Bungie! Keep it up and make the bounty system as a whole just as good!

EDIT: My example on the raids giving XP was just an example to illustrate how the system could work, not the only option. ALL activities should include XP, not just endgame.


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