The real reason Cayde-6 was killed

Content of the article: "The real reason Cayde-6 was killed"

"It's on Enceladus"

This is the last message Cayde-6 left us with in the Ace in the Hole mission, the final mission in the Ace of Spades questline. Many thought that Cayde was referring to the Deep Stone Crypt, and his traumatic experiences being converting into an exo. We now know that the Deep Stone Crypt is on Europa, so that knocks out that theory.

This might be the real reason Cayde was killed.

First we have to go back to the story of Forsaken. Cayde was killed by Uldren, a man known for disliking those who belong to the Traveler, but not enough to slay them. He was being controlled by Riven and that's why he put a bullet between Cayde's eyes. However, why does Riven want him dead? What does Cayde know that would jeopardize Riven's plan? Or maybe it wasn't Riven. It was Savathun's doing.

If we go back to the Taken King DLC, we remember that Cayde had the stealth drive that allowed us to board the Dreadnought and confront Oryx. He told us to do that without telling the other Vanguard members. He's, quite literally, a wild card and Savathun needed him dead because of information he knew. He knew that Savathun wanted to take Enceladus as her own. But why Enceladus? You might ask. Well Enceladus is a moon of Saturn, the same planet Oryx landed his mothership 5 years ago.

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Cayde knew that Savathun was going to take over Enceladus when she arrived in the system, or maybe she's been there for a while now and is just waiting for the perfect distraction (the Darkness ships) in order to strike. Cayde needed to get the message out there, without Savathun knowing. I'm going to go one step ahead and say that Cayde knew she was out for him, so he recorded the messages for his death so that someone would listen to them. He even put the messages on Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn.

Luke Smith said that Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, coming out next year, was going to have an all new destination. I believe that expansion will take us to Enceladus and will have even bigger tie ins to the Forsaken story than we even anticipated.


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