The SEASONAL public event should have a small guaranteed drop of the SEASONAL crafting material

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I get inordinately more umbral engrams than I get altered element to focus them. I only maintain one character, so I only do a single batch of the daily bounties, but I find the drop chance of the mat way too low for other activities, especially with forge farming gone (different discussion, not here to debate that). With the daily bounties I can do a single tier 2 focus. With the number of weapons I’m looking to get god rolls of this is a pitiful amount. I think it was Cammy that made a good point in one of his videos that we should be able to perfect our builds fairly early in the season so that we can use them in high level, and late game activities like GM Nightfalls. I actually really enjoy the new public event, though I wish it was a bit harder now that I’m nearing pinnacle cap (1054 gear). It seems silly to walk away from a single run of the event with almost a full inventory to engrams and exactly zero of the material to use with them. So in summary the SEASONAL public event should have a guaranteed drop of maybe 25 altered element, 50 if Bungie wants to be generous. This way 1 run of the event gets you 1 tier 1 focus, 2 runs a tier 2, and 5 for the stat focused armor. I realize this could funnel players into a single activity for focusing, but gaining engrams from general play, and then participating in the SEASONAL activity that ties into what the Drifter is doing, and presumably relates to the Recaster in some way, makes a lot of sense to me. This is by no means a total or exact solution so please discuss options and share your secrets if you’re not having any issues with altered element flow, and maybe send some good RNG my way so I can get some consistent drops.

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