The upgrade economy is all out of whack.

Content of the article: "The upgrade economy is all out of whack."

We have four upgrade materials, listed from most valuable to least, along with the most you can hold in your inventory:

  1. Ascendant Shards (10)
  2. Enhancement Prisms (50)
  3. Upgrade Modules (25)
  4. Enhancement Cores (no limit)

Enhancement (then Masterwork) cores used to be really rare outside of raiding. Now they are pretty common. The new system was likely introduced because a lot of players had a TON of these.

Upgrade modules are 1:1 with enhancement cores, except they require some glimmer and some planetary materials. These seem pretty useless and kind of filler IMO. They seemed like they were introduced so it only took one material to infuse, but instead of paying it at infusion time, we have to do bounties for them or go to the gunsmith (and potentially spider) before doing it. I hope they rethink this currency.

Enhancement prisms cost 10 enhancement cores and other materials. They are used to get gear to the higher levels (not highest). They are only obtained from running nightfalls or dismantling masterworked gear.

Ascendant shards cost 10 enhancement prisms. They are only obtained from master nightfalls. It costs one to fully masterwork legendary gear and 3 to masterwork an exotic. So, one of these costs a bunch of planetary materials, a bunch of glimmer and 100 enhancement cores. You cannot stockpile them either.

Not only is this system super confusing and makes you hit two vendors (if you include spider for the insane amount of mats you need to do that at any scale that matters) or grind one specific activity, it really only rewards one type of activity. What also shows is that running one master nightfall and getting lucky with them is more valuable than playing dozens of hours to obtain a similar amount of enhancement cores/glimmer/planetary mats.

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There should be exclusive guns for pinnacle activities. There should be exclusive gear for pinnacle activities. There should be a higher chance and a reliable way to get exotics with good rolls on them, and the nightfall is cool there. There shouldn't be exclusive materials for pinnacle activities and a crazy economy that choice necessitated.


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