The Warlock melee range nerf needs to be re-examined

Content of the article: "The Warlock melee range nerf needs to be re-examined"

Like many others, I think that nerf to the warlock range was overkill. I'm not saying it needed to remain unchanged, but at the moment, it's entirely too short. I'm not sure who this came from, but here's a video showing how bad it currently is:

It's pretty awful. But what can they do it about it? Honestly, the original range definitely was an issue with how strong the melee was (in terms of CCing, at least), but there are still some options Bungie could take a look into to see if they'd work.

After speaking to several friends, here are a few possible suggestions:

  1. Keep the range the same as it currently is, but remove the warlock basic melee "deadzone" (basically just cast the projectile if you have a charge, even if enemies are in your face). Add a burst effect if the projectile reaches its max distance, allowing for AoE freezing with proper use
  2. Up the range to 20-22m, but remove the deadzone for the basic melee. Really, there's no sense in having a third or more of the total distance of the entire attack be unusable
  3. Drastically reduce or completely revert the range nerf, but further decrease the projectile speed. Let people with pulses be able to dodge them in PvP if they're paying attention and outplaying the warlock, while letting Warlocks in PvE not feel relegated to getting too close to enemies.
  4. Completely revert the range nerf, but make the freeze turn into a slow effect after a certain distance. Basically, treat it like the projectile is losing strength over time. This gives the ability additional utility without it being an overwhelming threat from long range in PvP
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The rest of the nerfs to Warlocks felt completely fair, bringing them more in line with the other Stasis subclasses, but all of the nerfs to the melee combined with it already being a projectile that just dissipates (unlike Hunter throwing knives) just feels like complete overkill.

Please take another look at this, Bungie. A lot of the community thinks you went too far here.


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