Theory: The Titan Stasis super looks just like bottom tree arc because … it IS – each stasis subclass will “take over” or “add on” to existing subclasses in unique ways

Content of the article: "Theory: The Titan Stasis super looks just like bottom tree arc because … it IS – each stasis subclass will “take over” or “add on” to existing subclasses in unique ways"

We have yet to be told anything further about how the new stasis subclasses work "mechanically" – we only know that Luke said they would be more customizable. What if part of that customization comes in selecting which of our base subclasses affect it (i.e. top middle or bottom tree arc titan, for example). People have been wondering if stasis is just the first "darkness subclass" of three to come – the way they've been portrayed so far seems to support this. Read on if you're curious.

My theory is that based on the super-cast animations we've been shown, stasis will add darkness abilities to a different elemental subclass for each subclass:

Titans: This is where the theory started given most of what we see in the footage looks just like bottom tree arc titan, with the running and occasional smashes. BUT, there's also the one portion where the titan flies really far before a smash, looking quite similar to middle tree thundercrash the way he flies. So it seems like stasis affects the titan's arc abilities.

Hunters: Comparisons have been made to way of a thousand cuts and for good reason. The stasis' super cast animation is the same as the one for blade barrage. It's also throwing shurikens which are similar to the wave of knives from that subtree – but most importantly, he's throwing knives – so it seems stasis affects the hunter's solar abilities. (if it were one of the other trees we'd see throwing smoke or punchy abilities…)

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Warlock: I've already gone over how it seems like titans are mirroring their arc abilities and hunters mirroring solar abilities. So, by process of elimination it would seem likely that stasis affects the warlock's void abilities. This is supported again by the super cast animation (it's the same as middle tree voidlock novawarp, and there's also a moment where that stasis staff looks like it's drawn back similarly to throwing a nova bomb). The nova warp cast animation is admittedly very similar to stormcaller, but I don't think this is too much a stretch. Edit: forgot one detail – this is further supported by the name of the subclass "Shadebinder" which feels clearly void-associated.

Am I reading into the animations too much? Maybe. But we've mostly never (that I can think of) gotten new subclasses without at least one entirely new super-cast animation, and the above evidence seems like too much of a coincidence given these were also each the first subclasses each character unlocked way back in D1 (Titans had arc, Hunters had solar, Warlocks had void). Seems very bungie to mirror our first foray into the darkness with the same order in which we gained the light.

I'm not saying that titans will have "arc stasis" for example – just saying that the physicality with which titans at least first embrace the darkness would make sense to mirror the way the titan uses arc subclasses – and similarly with the other classes.

What about stasis on weapons?

Yes, we've been told that stasis is a "new element entirely" but I don't think this disagrees with that statement. My theory is that the light deals with energy elements (energy slot weapons) and the dark deals with physical elements (ice) – which could indicate something like stasis elemental weapons becoming part of the "kinetic" weapon slot. Adding stasis to the energy slot would be rough because it's already overcrowded there – this would open up new gameplay opportunities depending on how the stasis element functions – i.e. you could have both "darkness" and "light" primary weapons equipped.

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This quickly turned into a novel. Curious to hear anyone's thoughts here!


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