This is the fastest into a season I have ever wanted to take a break.

Content of the article: "This is the fastest into a season I have ever wanted to take a break."

I just feel like there is not enough new content for a yearly expansion. I was under the impression that Shadowkeep was a smaller sized expansion and that beyond light was going to be a little larger. Regardless, I just have no motivation to play when the new seasonal activities forces me to continue to grind the same strikes I have been playing for years now. I really don’t enjoy playing PvP so I prefer to stick to strikes but man is this grind wearing on me. Not to mention I feel like I am constantly trying to juggle weapons in and out of the vault so that I can complete all of the associated bounties on a daily basis. After I complete all my bounties I realize how much more fun I have when I can just play and not worry so much about my load out or competing with teammates for kills.

I am continuing to grind it out just so that I can be high enough power for the raid. It hurts even more because this is now my 5th time “grinding it out” doing nearly the same exact activities over and over again just so that I can get my artificial power level high enough so that I can enjoy the parts of the game that are actually new and fun to me.

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Edit: I just want to add that the only reason that I and many others decide to make posts like this is that we care deeply for the game and want to see it improve

Edit 2: I don’t even want to go there but playing Destiny PvP is completely unenjoyable to me. My favorite game before Destiny was Halo. I still play Halo MCC and Halo 5 regularly. Coming from a PvP like Halo with a longer time to kill and focus on precision weapons like the battle rifle and pistol, Destiny is just so unbalanced. I get so frustrated getting insta killed by shotguns or supers. Add to it the ridiculous stasis mechanics this season I would hope you can understand why I do not enjoy PvP. Destiny was designed as a PvE game first. Their cooperative 6 man raids are groundbreaking activities for FPS and even console games. In my opinion there isn’t any aspect of Destiny PvP that transcends the FPS genre in the same way. In no way trying to bash Destiny or people who enjoy its PvP it is just not for me.

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