This is the most depressing video game subreddit I’ve ever been a part of.

Content of the article: "This is the most depressing video game subreddit I’ve ever been a part of."

Sweet Jesus, guys. I understand the game may be struggling at the moment in many ways, but in all my years of gaming, I've never seen such a large majority of a community just so overwhelmingly negative about basically every aspect the game.

Context: I joined near the end of Shadowkeep, so I'm obviously disconnected from the legacy relationship many of you have with this game, but I've gotta say- I always dread opening up this sub lately to check dailies/look for interesting posts, because I'm just met with a wave of "D2 is dead/Bungie gimme this feature if the game has any chance as surviving/everything is broken/this is the worst the game has ever been"

I realise this may come off as me being apathetic, but I get the complaints, really I do, and I want to see this game thrive as much as you all do because I really do love it. I guess this is just me throwing my negativity into the mix because good god it hurts to be a new member in this community at times.

But seriously, y'all seemed hella burnt out and should probably take a break for a bit if you're so unhappy with the current state of the game. Even WoW's community back in Warlords of Draenor was more optimistic than this and that's really saying something.

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Love, A budding guardian

Edit: it's been really funny watching the upvotes on this post zig zag. Hope you're all having a good Sunday!

Edit the second: lots of discussions here, really appreciate everyone's willingness to have civil discussions about this (except you, one guy who DM'd me just to tell me you block me haha what a weirdo). Thanks for the awards <3

Edit the last: this really blew up! I see quite a lot of people who aren't aware of the existence of r/LowSodiumDestiny, a great alternative for people looking for a less salty place to discuss the game. Check it out!


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