This season went from “I’ll see what I can get done” to “I can’t believe I’ve gotten that done.”

Content of the article: "This season went from “I’ll see what I can get done” to “I can’t believe I’ve gotten that done.”"

TL;DR – friend moved, ended up getting convinced to try out D2 (& likes it), now we're playing with more friends and I've just played my first 'end game' content. I've gotten to be the most excited I have for playing a game in a long time.

Been playing off and on since the game went free to play, always enjoyed it, but not having a group to play with meant missing out on some things. My work hours and such always meant I was playing later than the few friends I have that play D2. I finally got one group of friends to start a clan, almost immediately after which they took a break from the game. Then one of my good friends from my time in the game industry moved back east and I was really in a downer about finding folks to play with.

Turns out him moving put everything on a fast-track. One of his long-time friends who lives near where he moved to is what we jokingly call a 'super gamer', the dude literally will have three different games going at any time (D2 on PC, Assassin's Creed on xbox, and something on his Switch), and be actively playing between them. This guy managed to convince my industry friend to check out D2. My friend really likes the game, and we've been playing together in the other friend's small clan pretty much every night since then. It's been exciting for me just to have friends to play with regularly on a game, been a long time since that's been the case.

This, combined with the oncoming storm of the Vault, motivated me to start trying to get content and quests and triumphs experienced before they went away. Our 'super gamer' friend obviously has a lot of time on D2 and offers input. I've been trying out different playstyles and loadouts outside of my 'comfort zone', and realized that so many of the quests I had backlogged only seemed daunting because of the number of them. It's also meant realizing that while I'm good at Crucible Control (it reminds me so much of old school Halo TDM LAN parties in college), I'm apparently really good at being an invading asshole in Gambit, to the tune of being able to get 15+ guardian kills in a single round often. So much so that I managed to finish the Gambit seal challenges and earn my first title, Dredgen. If you see a Titan 'waiting' for you across the way in Drifter's ship, that may well be me, and I'm sorry if I ruin your day.

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I've managed to tackle a lot of the content that just seemed 'too much' before, both from motivation to do it and from having friends to play it with. We've been able to try to tackle raids, though there's usually only 3-4 of us on at a time currently, so that's still a WIP.

That said, on a kind of "hell, let's try it" whim last night, we decided to try and make our way through Prophecy. We weren't sure how it was going to play out, as raids / runs we've tried so far on other content kicked our asses, but at the very least we wanted to try and get the last few Eyes on the maps. I'd watched solo-playthrough vids so I knew the mechanics of the bosses, and we had the Eyes guide up so we didn't blitz past anything. The Eyes actually afforded us the slower pacing to enjoy the environment design (amazing stuff), something as a former game dev I always like being able to do. On our run through we only wiped twice, both times from something we were able to laugh about and agree "we'd get it right on the next run when we didn't need the Effigy". That fact, that we felt like this was some end-game content we could confidently play through again, was a great experience unto itself. Once we got the last Eye and melted Kell Echo, I realized that not only had I managed to get my >50k Triumph score at the same time, but I was literally one item away from getting the Season's triumph Seal (the still-secret one).

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I. Was. Excited.

Since I started playing D2 I've felt like the seals were something that were going to perpetually be 'beyond me', something that unless I feebly rolled into some clan (like I've tried on other MMO's) and got carried I wasn't going to be able to achieve, much less experience the content that would get me one. Yeah, I've been able to earn some of the lower level items, but not a seal. And yet, here I am, on the cusp of getting one of the newest seals, playing a game I'm thoroughly enjoying even when grinding, and playing with old and new friends regularly.

So yeah, if you read this far, thanks for doing so. It's awesome playing with all you folks. See you on Europa!


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