Tips for grinding forge weapons for Platinum Starling

Content of the article: "Tips for grinding forge weapons for Platinum Starling"


Someone made a post earlier that was about the black armory logo not being symmetrical or something. Then there was some discussion in the comments about the grind for platinum starling. Someone was asking for tips and hints with it so after grinding out nearly all of them over the past five or six days I’ve worked out a pretty decent system.

I’m also on mobile so I’m sorry if the formatting is garbage.

  1. Do all the bounties, on all three characters, every day. Doing these will get you modulus reports and Ballistics logs, which you need desperately. Building up a stockpile of Modulus reports will save you time in the long run by requiring you to run less forges, just to get them.

  2. Sword frame is the best. Get the sword frame, put on double sword finder and double enhanced sword scavenger, go to altars of sorrow. Five minutes, maximum. 15 multikills and then 20 radiant seeds, where each nightmare enemy is worth 10. Be selfish, sit at the enemy spawns, go to town.

  3. As a courtesy, always destroy the shield drones at each forge. Someone may be doing izanagi’s burden and being a nice person is something we should all do.

  4. Put on your scummiest load out possible when doing the forge. I personally use my gambit setup: Mountaintop, Trinity Ghoul, Falling Guillotine. Your goal is to get it done as fast as possible.

  5. Disregard anyone not throwing batteries. Because Blacksmith is getting vaulted soon, people have started putting in more effort with the forge specific weapon triumphs, like 500 Jotunn kills at Volundr. Disregard them and throw those batteries. As painful as those triumphs are to get, they should LFG a 3 stack to do those triumphs. If they’re not gonna help the forge progress outside of just killing ads, forget them.

  6. If for some reason you don’t want to do the sword frame, the auto rifle and hand cannons are also very easy: 30 precision kills with whichever you choose.

  7. As soon as the forge is done and you get your rewards, queue again straight away to avoid getting booted to orbit, wasting time. It may not seem like a significant amount of time wasted but it will add up.

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If I think of anymore I’ll update. Good luck with your forge runs <3


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